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I just have to thank you for the great website and tell you about my wife, Sally's, first experience in interracial sex. We are living proof that it's never too late. I am 52 and Sally is 51.

To preface this story, I should explain that we did a little swinging, mostly threesomes with male friends of mine when I was in the Army overseas and our kids were small. I wanted to continue doing this all along, but Sally was hesitant when we moved back home and the kids got old enough to figure out what was going on.

It was only after our youngest finally went out on his own that Sally finally started to seriously consider my entreaties to let me share her or watch her in action with a sexy, well hung black stud. Still she wasn't totally sure she could go through with it and I realized the circumstances would have to be just right.

Although I tried to connect her up with a number of black men through the internet and in other ways, nothing happened until recently. For the past year or so I have been hosting more or less regular Friday night poker games and most nights Sally is there also. After one particular evening, I suggested to Sally that I would like to see her gangbanged by my poker playing buddies and I. She flatly refused this suggestion since she really didn't like a couple of the guys at all.

Seeing a possible opening for some fun, I asked her if there were any of the guys that she would be interested in having sex with. I was pleasantly surprised when she admitted that the thought of making love to Rick, a handsome, muscular 32 year old black man a real turn on.

When I got to talk to Rick in private during our next poker evening, I told him that Sally had the hots for him. He was quick to assure me that he would be more than willing to satisfy her curiousity. I suggested that maybe he could stay over after our card game that night and he was more than willing. However, when I brought up the plan to Sally, she quickly nixed it. She was afraid the other guys would know that he had stayed and she would become the topic of workplace gossip on Monday. I knew where she was coming from and managed to let Rick know of her thoughts. He agreed and said he would be more than happy to get with us the next evening.

All the next day, Sally (and I) were as nervous as cats in a room full of rocking chairs. When Rick called that afternoon, he suggested that maybe we should get together someplace for dinner to kind of break the ice. We both agreed and met him that evening for a great meal. Afterwards, we went to a very nice club where Sally and Rick shared several dances, something that really turns her on. Finally, about 8 o'clock, Rick suggested that we go home. Sally was quick to agree.

When we got to our house, I could tell Sally was a still a little nervous so I put on some music and suggested that they dance some more. I then left the room, going to take a shower to give them time to be alone.

When I made my way back to the livingroom a short time later, I found that my idea had been perfect. They were on the couch, kissing hungrily. I could see their tongues moving back and forth between their open mouths. He had already managed to open her blouse and bra and I found the contrast of his big, dark hand on her breasts very exciting.

As I continued watching, his big hand moved up between her silky thighs until he was cupping her panty-clad mound, his big mouth was now closed over her breast, sucking her hard nipple lovingly.

She moaned loudly and started squirming as he pushed her panties aside, working a thick, dark finger up and down her wet slit. When he started working his finger in and out of her already drooling hole, she started humping off the couch, very quickly reaching an orgasm that left her shaking all over. In the meantime, her hand had moved to stroke his thick cock through his pants.

After several minutes of fingerfucking her and letting her stroke him, he told her to take it out. The look on her face when she got her first look at his huge 10" cock, was priceless. It seemed to be a mix of anxious anticipation and fear.

I quickly suggested that they go to the bedroom and they were just as ready as I. As I watched, they started kissing again, their hands moving over each other to get rid of their clothes.

I realized how hard and excited I was when Sally sat on the side of the bed and started kissing and licking his now rockhard cock. He was soon holding the back of her head, pumping about 3/4ths of his dark cock in and out of her mouth while the other hand roughly fondled her breasts. He smiled over at me, telling me what a great cocksucker my wife was. One of her hands was gripping his hard, muscular ass while her other fondled his huge balls that seemed to be tightening with impending release. When he did cum, it was more than she could swallow and a steady stream of his pearly liquid dripped from the corners of her stuffed mouth. When he was finally drained he moved away and she licked her lips sexily and then proceeded to clean his cock.

"Now, it's time for me to do some eating, Sally," he smiled, pushing her back on the bed and crawling half atop her writhing body.

Slowly, he kissed his way down her neck, to her breasts, her belly and then to that wet patch of fur between her legs. Her legs flew open and she moaned loudly as his full lips and long tongue started working on her seething snatch. In no time it seemed, she was cumming almost constantly, humping off the bed to grind her sopping cunt against his face and probing fingers. I thought she would pass out, she was cumming so hard and often. Finally, he relented, again kissing his way up her now limp body.

"You ready to fuck now, momma?" he smiled, kissing her slowly, his fingers still moving slowly in and out of her squirming body. "You ready to see how it feels to have you hot pussy filled with hard, black meat?"

"Yes......ohhhhhhhh...yesssssssss!" she practically cried out, her hand reaching down to guide his throbbing bone to her waiting hole. "Fuck me, baby! Kill me with your huge black cock!"

As wet and ready as she was, he was still so much larger than she was used to that you could see the mixture of pain and lust on her face as he slowly started stretching her, taking several moments to work most of his cock into her. His cock glistened like polished ebony as it was coated with her cunt juices.

"You like it, momma? Am I fucking your white pussy good?" he growled, smiling wickedly at her and then at me. "Tell Sam how much you like being fucked by my black dick."

"'s sooooooo big and hot and hard!" she cried out, tears actually rolling down her cheeks. "He's soooooooo good, baby. I love it, I love his big, black cock!"

I could not believe the stamina of this young black god. It seemed that he pounded in and out of her writhing body for nearly an hour, moving her from one postition to another and cumming in her twice before they finally collapsed in a sweaty, totally sated tangle of black and white flesh.

When he moved her onto her hands and knees, fucking her doggie style (her favorite position), I could stand no more. I quickly climbed onto the bed, stuffing her open mouth with my own throbbing cock. I must have cum in only a minute or two.

After resting for awhile, they went to the shower. I watched through the glass doors as they kissed and their hands explored each others bodies and then as they took turns going down on each other.

Afterwards they returned to the bed and we soon had Sally totally out of control as two sets of hands and lips moved over her writhing body. After several minutes she mounted my pulsing rod, riding me slowly as Rick worked his thick boner into her big sexy ass.

By the time that torrid coupling was completed, we were all totally worn out or so I thought and we drifted into a deep sleep.

I was awakened later in the night by the noise and movement of the bed as Sally rode her black stallion to one orgasm after another.

They showered again the next morning and, no doubt, made love again while I fixed breakfast. Afterwards, she gave him a slow, loving blowjob right there at the dining table before he left.

They have gotten together several times since then, both with and without me and she has also been shared by him with several of his black friends, but those stories will have to wait for another time.

I am purchasing a digital camera soon and hope to include some hot pics with my next installment. We love hearing from other couples with similar experiences, especially couples in our age group. We now know what they mean by the "Golden Years".

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