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Doctor Bitch
By Stormbringer All Rights Reserved

Katherine pushed down on the horn of her BMW, waiting while the old fart with the handicapped tag tried to parallel park. People on the street were staring at her, until she let go of the horn and sped off down the road. She resisted the urge to give the old guy the finger as she passed his car.

Katherine was having a bad day, but then most days sucked. The pool guy and the lawn boy had just quit on her, saying they were sick of her constant criticism of their work. On top of that her husband, the doctor, had agreed to do charity work and give free medical exams to some of the homeless people in town. He had done it at one shelter, decided he didn't like it and asked her to do the exams at the next shelter. She hated working with the lower classes, but the tax deduction was too good to pass up. On top of the bad drivers, poor help, and bums, she wasn't getting any at home. The doctor hadn't touched her in over three months and she felt like she was constantly horny.

Katherine parked her Beamer in the alley next to the shelter and entered the building. There were about a dozen homeless men hanging around waiting for her. A small office connected to the sleeping area was to be used for the examinations. A older man with a beard was there to assist her.

"What can I do to help, Doc," said the helper.

Katherine looked him over and sneered slightly. The words, "worthless hippie do-gooder" flashed into her mind. "Just tell the men to strip to their underwear and line up outside the door. Then you can go do whatever it is you do around here."

Snooty bitch, thought the man, but he nodded and left the room.

Katherine buttoned on a lab coat and found it was tight around her large full breasts. She heard the assistant yelling to the homeless to line up as she pulled on her rubber gloves. Some of the bums were griping about dinner and she guessed that apparently they weren't allowed to eat until finishing the exam. She got a whiff from the shelter and grabbed a mask to help filter out some of the unwashed smell from the men.

Katherine opened the door and rolled her eyes. Most of the men weren't wearing underwear and she got the feeling she was being punished for something she had done in a previous life. "Come on," she said pointing at the first guy in line.

An old man shuffled into the room and stood there while she went through her check list. She got his name, medical history, and asked him to turn around and bend over, running her hands along his back. She pulled up a chair and sat before him. His underwear was dirty and full of holes. She cupped his testicles underneath his underwear and asked him to cough. He giggled and she felt disgusted when his little penis started moving underneath his underwear. She hadn't seen an erection on her husband in months and this pissed her off even more. "Next," she yelled pushing him out of the room.

The next guy was a toothless old black man who giggled the whole time she examined him. She had never examined a black man before and crinkled her nose in disgust the whole time she touched him. Katherine pulled up her chair and gasped. He wasn't wearing any underwear and his penis was the biggest she had ever seen in her life. It was slightly erect and about seven inches long. She cupped his testicles and the big penis grew until it was pointing right at her mask covered mouth. Dear god, she thought. It must be nine inches long.

"Sorry," said he black man. "I ain't never had a pretty white lady touch old jumbo before."

"Next," she yelled pushing him out of the room. She heard several of the bums applaud when they saw his erection. Katherine briefly wished her husband had a penis that big or even one that got that hard. Anyway, god had to give that black man something to make up for what he had done to the man's life.

Katherine examined a few more white bums before coming to another black man. Now that's a penis, she thought seeing the monstrosity dangling between his legs. The man was in his late forties and except for his penis, completely forgettable. She was in a daze going through the exam, picturing his big black rod in her head. It only served to remind her of how horny she was.

Katherine sat down and cupped his balls. His penis immediately turned to steel. It was probably eight inches long and the fattest thing she had ever seen.

"Don't you want me to turn my head and cough," he asked with a grin on his face.

Embarrassed, Katherine realized she had been staring at his tool. It was also pointed right at her mouth and he was starting to make little thrusts, like he was imagining she was sucking on it. She was thankful for the mask. Angry and disgusted, she shoved him out the door.

The next patient was an old white man with a penis even more laughable then her husbands. She guessed it was as big as her thumb as she peeked through a hole in his underwear.

As she neared the end of her examinations, Katherine noticed a pattern had developed. She had examined six white men and four black men so far. The white men's penis's ranged from four to six inches and only got semi-erect. None of the black men had a penis under seven inches and to the man they were all fatter and harder then the whites. She remembered hearing a rumor that black men were bigger then whites, but had shrugged it off as nonsense. She found herself anticipating seeing how big the next black penis was.

Katherine's mood was getting worse as the day wore on. She was sick of looking and smelling all these homeless men. She was also feeling cheated. All but one of the men had a penis bigger then her husband's and with the black men, all it had taken was one look or touch to make theirs become hard as a rock. She had everything she could ever want, but was stuck with a husband with a limp little five inch noodle for a penis. Life just wasn't fair.

Katherine sighed and got out the next form. The next to the last homeless man entered and without looking up she said, "Name?"

"Big D."

"Real name?" she said looking up at him. Katherine did a double take when she saw the man. He was a handsome black man in his late teens. She could see a well defined chest beneath his tight tee shirt. He was the first black man she had examined who actually wore underwear and it looked like they were about to rip apart from the size of the penis they were imprisoning.

"Dunnell Jackson," he answered admiring her well developed body straining against her white doctor's coat. She had her long brown hair up conservatively and was wearing glasses on the edge of her nose. Big D guessed she was the type of woman who was ashamed of her body and resented all the male attention it got her. There was usually a slut lurking somewhere underneath the conservative facade of women like this, just waiting to be unleashed.

Katherine filled out the rest of her form and said. "Please remove your shirt for me."

She watched him slowly pull his tee shirt off over his head revealing an extremely well chiselled chest. He certainly looked healthy from the front, she thought. She turned him around and had him touch his toes. Katherine felt a chill run up her spine as she ran her hand down his muscled back and over his spine.

"Please remove your underwear," she told him.

Katherine sat in her examination chair and watched as he slid his underwear off. His ass cheeks were as hard as the rest of his body and when he turned around she gasped at the sight of his penis. It was the biggest one she had seen yet and soft it dangled down seven inches.

Katherine reached out for his testicles, but found his penis was so long and thick that it blocked her access. She gulped and reached out her other hand to lift his penis out of the way. At her touch the monster penis immediately turned fully erect and like all the other black men, it hung straight out, pointing right at her mouth. "T-turn your head and cough," she stuttered out while staring at his monster penis.

"Ten inches, if your wondering," said Dunnell after coughing.

Now she knew why they called him Big D, she thought, still staring at the thick black sausage sized penis less then a foot from her mouth. Katherine shook her head to clear it and said, "I don't care how big your penis is."

"Why you so bitchy?" he asked looking her over.

"Not that it's any of your damn business, but I just had my pool man and lawn man quit on me. Not to mention the fact that Tuesdays my only day off and I have to spend it doing charity work instead of laying out by the pool. I'm not having a good day. You can get dressed and go."

Katherine finished Dunnell's paperwork. She felt an itch on her head and removed her rubber glove to itch it.

Katherine had trouble concentrating on her paperwork as she kept thinking of Big D's perfect nude body standing before her like some kind of ebony god. She knew she'd never cheat on her husband, especially with a black man, but she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to make love to a penis that big. She was thirty-two and nearing her sexual peak. Katherine was ashamed to realize, she was a little aroused by the days events.

Katherine noticed a large presence before her and said, "Name."


"Real name."

"Just Horse, ma'am."

Katherine sighed and stood up. She wrote Horse down as his name and looked at the man in the room. Her heart leapt with fear when she saw him. He was the biggest, ugliest, and meanest looking black man she had ever seen. He was at least six and a half feet tall. She had to strain her neck to look up at his face. He was as ugly as Dunnell was handsome. Horse's skin was dark black compared to Big D's light brown. His nose was flat and it looked like it had been broken sometime in the past. Horse's presence before her was overwhelmingly powerful. She shivered in fear and something else.

Katherine looked down his body. He had a fit fighters chest and was built similar to Mike Tyson. He was covered in muscles, she had never seen before even in an anatomy book. Her gaze kept traveling down over his stomach and towards his crotch. She gulped imagining what his penis must look like. She wasn't disappointed.

A black python, she thought, it looks like a giant black python. His penis was eleven inches long and as big around as her wrist. It was rock hard and so big that it's weight caused it to angle down slightly towards the floor. His penis was as dark as his skin from the tip to the end compared to Big D's whose tip had been lighter in color then the shaft. Dunnell had also been circumcised where Horse wasn't. The head peeking out of the foreskin was as big as a plum and the foreskin made her think of a hooded cobra instead of a python.

Katherine shook her head to clear it and asked him to turn around and bend over. He was so big that she had to lean up against his ass to run her hands down his back. She ran her hands over the muscled ridges of his back and along his spine. She looked up and was surprised to see Dunnell standing behind Horse grinning at her. He hadn't gotten dressed yet and his penis was still hard. "What are you still doing here?" she asked.

"I'm just waiting for my friend," he replied.

Katherine sat on her stool and asked Horse to turn around. Shaking her head in disbelief as his penis appeared before her face. Like Dunnell, she would have to lift it up to reach his testicles. She reached out and grasped it on the foreskin. It slid back slightly so that the head of his penis emerged fully. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the pee slit of the end and then more started coming. The pre-cum flowing out of the end was as much as one of her husbands regular orgasms and she realized it must take a lot to lubricate a penis that big. Then to her horror Katherine realized that she hadn't put her glove back on after scratching her head and she was actually touching a penis that wasn't her husband's for the first time in her life. She was disgusted to touch a homeless black man's penis, but she didn't let go, and figured it would be best just to get this over with. She raised up his penis and cupped his testicles. They were sized to match his giant sex organ. His testicles hung low, they were heavy, and were as big around as two small oranges.

There was a half inch gap between her fingers that were circled around his penis and as she released his testicles she realized the gap was widening. Katherine once again couldn't believe her eyes. His penis wasn't hanging down because of gravity, it was hanging down because he hadn't been fully erect. It grew another two inches to around thirteen inches long. Fully erect, he angled slightly upward and like all the other black men, his penis seemed to point directly at her mouth. Katherine briefly pictured Horse thrusting forward powerfully ad his mighty penis ripping right through her mask and penetrating her mouth.

Horse chuckled and Katherine was horrified to see that her hand was involuntarily stroking his shaft. Her strokes had caused more pre-cum to ooze out and the entire head of his penis was now lubricated. Ashamed of herself, she let go of his penis, turning red with embarrassment.

Katherine held her head down towards the floor breathing heavily. When she looked up, Big D had moved around and was standing besides Horse. Both their big penis's were pointing right at her face.

"Well doc," asked Dunnell, "do you see anything wrong with us"

"Oh you both seem to be completely healthy. You don't look like homeless people," said Katherine checking her watch. She was surprised to see that she had spent thirty minutes with Dunnell and Horse, where she had averaged only five minutes each with the others. Where had the time gone? She was relieved and a little upset to see that the men were starting to get dressed.

"Well Doc," said Dunnell, pulling on his shirt, "Me and Horse here lost our construction jobs and got evicted on the same day." Both he and Horse were keeping their cocks out until the last possible minute. This sexy white bitch needed to get fucked so bad, he could swear he could smell her pussy juices flowing. "Yeah, me and Horse built houses and did a lot of yard work before getting laid off." He winked at Horse's look of surprise, they had never done any yard work.

Katherine sighed when their cocks disappeared into their jeans. She couldn't remember ever being this horny and thought that even if she could get her husband's penis erect it wouldn't satisfy her. Katherine grabbed her things and said "Well, I wish you two luck.. Did you say that you did yard work?

"Yes, we did a lot of yard work."

Katherine knew it was dangerous to give out private information, but she really needed her yard taken care of. "Would you guys be willing to take care of my yard until I can find someone to do it full time? My husband won't do it."

"Sure that would be great," said Dunnell. "That could sure help us get on our feet."

"Good," said Katherine writing out her address on a slip of paper and giving it to Dunnell. "Show up in the morning next Wednesday and I will leave the shed unlocked for you."

"We'll be there bright and early," said Dunnell.

"Just be sure you do a good job and I will see your well compensated," said Katherine grabbing her car keys and heading towards the exit.

"Lady," said Horse, a blank expression on his face, "once we mow your lawn you won't want anyone else to do it."

Katherine nodded at them and left.

"I wants to fuck her," said Horse watching her leave.

Dunnell had heard those words before, he knew what was required of him. "Just follow my lead."

Katherine got in her bmw and headed home. She had a habit of biting her fingernails when deep in thought and was biting them as she drove off. One problem was solved with the two black men, but where was she going to find a pool guy? She tasted something on her finger and her tongue flicked out lapping some up. It was kind of salty and she licked out, lapping up the rest, enjoying the taste. Confused, she took her hand out of her house and looked at it. Bile rose in her throat as she saw that Horse's pre-cum covered her fingers. She barely avoided getting in an accident as she sped towards the nearest store to buy some mouthwash.

* * *

Katherine sighed as she put her drink down beside the pool and sat down on the cot. She stretched sensuously and laid down on her back. She reached down and took a sip of her margarita (her third of the day) enjoying her one day of relaxation.

Tuesday was the only day of the week she didn't hate. Six days were spent at the hospital and seven nights were spent with her poor excuse of a husband, but on Tuesday she was able to drink her troubles away and relax by the pool in a bikini that barely covered her voluptuous figure.

She had lost her free day last week when she had given the exams to the homeless men at the shelter. Not only was she upset over missing out on her tanning, but she was ashamed that the exams had such an effect on her. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw long black penises pointing at her mouth. At night she dreamt of them, not just Horse's and Dunnell's, but the toothless old man with Jumbo and all the others.

It was happening now. She closed her eyes feeling the sun warming her skin and immediately imagined Horse and Dunnell were standing before her completely nude again. She was wearing her bikini in the shelter and the doctor's mask protected her from their giant penises. She was stroking Horse's massive black rod and his pre-cum was oozing out all over her hands. She wanted to taste it again and leaning forward, she parted her lips....

Katherine awoke just like she always did before doing anything wrong in her dreams. She opened her eyes and saw Horse and Big D standing above her, their eyes greedily roaming over her body. She shook her head to clear it and when she opened her eyes again, they were still there.

"Well doc," said Dunnell, "that must have been some dream you were having." He ran his eyes over the thin material of her white bikini. Her nipples were clearly visible through the top, long, fat and erect with desire. Her legs were parted and he could see that her panties were soaked from her arousal.

"What are you to doing here?" she asked desperately looking for a towel to cover up her practically nude body. The look on Horse's face frightened her. She didn't even wear a bikini in front of her husband and never in front of strangers. She was dismayed to see that she hadn't bothered getting a towel.

"You told us to come by today and mow your lawn," said Dunnell confidently.

"No," she said angrily. "I distinctly remember telling you Wednesday." Katherine was upset that her free day had been interrupted and embarrassed that she had been dreaming about the two black men. She saw that neither was wearing a shirt and sweat glistened on their muscular chests.

"Sorry Doc," replied Dunnell, "you said Tuesday and you would meet us by the pool. Then you would show us where the lawn equipment was." Katherine furrowed her brows. The heat and the margaritas were definitely having an effect on her. She couldn't think straight. She remembered saying Wednesday, but then how did they know she'd be by the pool? Did the sight of their giant penises last week confuse her that much? "Well your here now," she gave in, "so I'll show you where everything is."

She stood up and tried to stretch out her bikini to cover more of her body. They watched and she gave up when she saw that it only served to make the thin white fabric more see-thru. "Follow me," she said turning towards the shed. Katherine gulped as she pictured their eyes glued to the thong slipping between her ass cheeks. She was surprised to catch herself swaying her hips and she stopped as soon as she realized what she was doing.

Katherine showed the two black men where the lawn mower and trimmer were kept in the garage and excused herself. She could feel their eyes on her scantily clad body the entire time it took her to walk to her house. She entered and walked upstairs to change into something a lot less revealing.

She paused before the full length mirror and looked at her body. She knew that she had a figure men went crazy over, but had always covered herself up because she wanted to be taken seriously. She looked at her large, firm breasts sticking out so far over her flat stomach that it looked like her bikini top would break from stretching too far. She had a nice tan all over her whole body, except for a small white patch around her aureola and around the edges of her well-trimmed pubic hair. Her face was still beautiful and young looking except for lines around her eyes when she smiled,which she almost never did anyway. If she hadn't become a doctor, she could easily have become a stripper or a lingerie model, that is if she liked showing off her body...

Did she like showing off her body? Katherine had been embarrassed at first, but the way the two black men had ogled her had actually excited her. Her husband hadn't looked at her like that in years and it felt good to be desired.

She decided not to change out of her bikini and maybe to tease them just a little. What harm could there be in a little teasing?

She fixed another margarita and returned to her spot by the pool. After drinking half, she was feeling quite drunk and daring. Dunnell was on the lawn mower and Horse was trimming some bushes. It would take them about two hours to do the entire lawn.

Dunnell was around back, out of sight, but getting closer and Horse was nearby trimming the hedge. Katherine finished her margarita and got up stretching. She noticed she immediately got Horse's attention and she finally understood why some women liked using their bodies to control men. She walked over to the pool shower and stood under it, turning the water on. She couldn't hear the trimmer and guessed that Horse was watching her little show. She heard the riding mower come around the corner and then it stopped. She pictured the two black men watching the water run down her back and between her ass cheeks. She picked this bikini because it was so thin she got some sun through the material and when she turned around she knew that it was completely see-thru when wet.

She watched the men through her half closed eyes. They were definitely staring at her and she could see the outline of Horse's monster penis fattening up under his jeans. She stood on her toes and held her head back under the shower letting the water cascade over her upthrust breasts.

A shiver ran through Katherine's body when she realized the effect she was having on her two observers. Why hadn't she teased men before? This was the biggest sexual thrill of her life and her long nipples were rock hard from her excitement. She knew she'd have to do this again before her good looks were gone forever. Why had she wasted her twenties covering herself up?

Katherine turned the shower off while imagining ways she could tease men. She decided that the next day at the hospital, she'd rip a button off her blouse and pretend not to notice it. She grinned thinking of the look on the doctors and patients faces when they finally got a look at some of her cleavage.

She walked back to her cot. The black men had stopped and were staring at her lustfully as she passed in the wet see-thru bathing suit. "Come on boys," she said, "I'm not paying you to sit around." Horse's eyes suddenly went from lustful to angry and she briefly wandered if she had gotten a little carried away.

Boys! Why that snotty, racist, white bitch, thought Horse as he started trimming again. He reached down and squeezed his cock underneath his pants. She can't tease me like that and get away with it. He looked behind him. Katherine had her legs spread and was rubbing sun tan lotion between her thighs. He watched her hands move up to her belly and around her breasts. That bitch is going to get the fucking of her life, he thought, and I'm not going to take no for an answer.

Katherine was half asleep by the time they finished. She had continued to rub into her skin a lot more lotion then necessary as she continued to tease the two black men. Eventually, the combination, massage, alcohol, and the sun caused her to doze off on her lawn chair.

Two giant muscular black men were standing before her, sweat glistening off their chiselled chests. She thought she was dreaming again until she realized that Dunnell and Horse were standing by her trying to get her attention. Katherine shook her head to clear it, wishing she hadn't drank so much.

"Ma'am, we were wondering if we could use your pool to cool off," said Big D. "We're finished, but it was awfully hot work."

Katherine didn't like the idea of two sweaty, homeless black men messing up her pool, but she was two drunk and tired to argue. "Alright, just be quick about it."

Dunnell looked at Horse and she watched him unbutton his jeans and slowly pull the zipper down. She gasped when his beautiful, cut penis flew up from his pants hard as the cement around the pool. She looked over at Horse, he had already pulled his pants down revealing that massive black monstrosity he called a penis. It was even bigger and blacker then she remembered from last week. It frightened her and she cried, "Just a minute. What do you two think your..."

"Sorry," said Dunnell. "We don't have bathing suits and your a doctor, you see cocks like this every day."

Cocks, yes that's the proper term for something so big, she thought. Her husband had a penis and these were so much bigger then her husband's penis that cock seemed a more appropriate term. "No," she said drunkenly, "I don't see this everyday." Katherine watched their black cocks bob and sway before them as they walked over to the pool. They jumped in and began horse playing in the water. Katherine wanted a better view so she got off her chair and sat down on the edge of the pool, letting her legs dangle in the water.

It was almost like they were teasing her, she thought. The two men would stand up and let the water cascade down their bodies while their cocks poked out of the water like black sea serpents. Impossibly, their cocks stayed hard in the cold water. She had watched her husband change once after swimming and his penis had shrank so much it looked like a little worm trying to crawl back into it's home.

Big D swam over to where she was sitting. Katherine couldn't take her eyes off his sleek black form gliding through the water. He stood up before her, his cock pointing between her legs.

"Ma'am," said Dunnell, "you should get in the water and cool off. You don't want to dehydrate do you?"

"Your right," she responded. "I should know better and you can call me Katherine." Having two teenagers call her ma'am made her feel old. She pushed off the ledge and sank into the water up to her neck. This was a mistake as it put her mouth right in front of his shiny wet cock. Katherine gulped and stood up before Dunnell. Her bikini, which had dried in the sun, was now completely see-thru again and she watched his eyes flicker back and forth between her pubic hair and her nipples. She didn't know what to do, she could either show off her body to him or sink to her knees before his cock. Something deep within her wanted to kneel before him, but the feelings frightened her and she remained standing.

Dunnell grabbed her hand and pulled her deeper into the pool. Horse splashed her and she splashed back. Soon the three of them were acting like a couple of children playing in the water. Katherine knew it was wrong to be playing around in a pool with two naked black men almost half her age, but she was actually having fun and it made her feel young again. She was grateful that she had a private yard without any snoopy neighbors nearby.

"You have a beautiful body Kat," said Dunnell after they had paused to rest.

"Well thanks I guess," she said gasping for air and watching Horse swim around behind her. "And it's Katherine not Kat."

"Fine," he said. "You know it's not fair that you get to wear clothes while we're naked."

"Well you'll just have to find some bathing suits cause I'm not stripping," she said laughing. She paused wondering, how long had it been since she had laughed?

"Well could you at least stand up, so I can get a good look at that hot body of yours?" he asked. "I think you like showing off your body."

Katherine smiled as she sat in the shallow water. She did like showing these men her body and figuring what's the harm, so she stood up before Big D. Water cascaded off her body as she watched him ogle her again. "Well do you like?"

"Yeah, I like" he said. "You've got to be the hottest white bitch I've ever seen. Turn around so that I can see your ass."

Katherine turned, hearing Dunnell whistle. Horse was standing before her with no expression on his face except for the nostrils flaring on his flat nose. He was usually quiet and she thought he might be a little slow or something. He was an imposing, scary figure with a his thirteen inch cock jutting out before him. Once again she felt an urge to fall to her knees and she quickly turned around again.

When she faced him again Dunnell immediately said, "Put your hands on your hips." He got a smug grin on his face when she quickly obeyed him. He had yet to meet a woman who didn't like being ordered around by him, especially after seeing his cock.

Katherine breathed heavily as Dunnell put her through a series of poses accentuating her figure. She was so used to bossing her husband and the hospital staff around that it felt good to be told what to do for a change. It felt natural to obey Dunnell's orders and besides she liked showing off her body. What harm could it do?

"Now place your arms over your head and arch your back," Dunnell ordered.

Katherine thrust out her breasts and put her arms over her head. She screamed in surprise when Horse's beefy hand clamped over her wrists holding them together. Never had she felt such strength in her life and he pulled her back into his chest. "Stop," she cried. "What do you think your doing." She felt Horse's free hand undoing her bikini top and pleaded, "Dunnell please help me."

Dunnell swam towards the struggling woman. She was kicking out her legs and he grabbed them. She looked at him in horror when he yanked off her thong. She tried to kick and scream but he and Horse effortlessly held her.

Dunnell pulled on her legs until her body was stretched between him and Horse floating on the water.

Katherine was scared as she writhed around, completely restrained by their strong hands. Horse reached around with his free hand and roughly grabbed her right breast and tweaked the nipple.

"You ever seen a better body then this?" Dunnell asked while running his free hand over her flat stomach and up over the firm, large mound of her left breast. Horse didn't answer intent on playing with her fat right nipple.

"Let me go you ass-holes," screamed Katherine still struggling. She was frightened of the men and especially of her reactions to their handling of her body. It had been so long since anyone had paid any attention to her that her body was starting to respond to their touches. "Please let me go," she cried again.

Dunnell looked at Horse and they let go, dropping her in the water. He grabbed her bikini and wadded it up into a ball, tossing it far off into her yard.

Katherine stood up, spitting water out of her mouth. She wiped her eyes in time to see her bikini go flying through the air. She was caught between staying in the pool where she was half covered by the water or running across the yard naked. She didn't know what they would do to her if she stayed with them in the water.

Katherine made up her mind fast and lunged for the side of the pool. It was futile because Dunnell's strong arm quickly clamped over one of her ankles and pulled her back towards him.

He let go and she stood up, futilely beating his hard chest with her hands. "I'll scream," she cried, tears in her eyes.

"No one can hear you," he said grabbing her breasts.

She felt Horse grab her hips from behind and their hands roamed over her body. She tried to resist, but it felt to good to deny and she moaned in pleasure. Horse's monster cock was resting on her ass cheeks and she felt it slide down pushing her legs apart. His rod slid along her labia causing her pussy to burn with desire. Katherine shivered as she looked down seeing Horse's black python extending from between her legs. The part of the black cock visible between her legs was bigger then her husband's and she shivered again wondering what it would feel like buried in her pussy. Dunnell leaned down and kissed her mouth. She was used to passionless pecks from her husband and when Dunnell's tongue entered her mouth, she found herself kissing him back lustfully.

Katherine moaned as Horse's cock slid out from her legs and she felt the head tease her vagina. It pushed in and her pussy felt satisfied for the first time in months, but she begged, "Please stop. I can't cheat on my husband."

"This ain't cheating," chuckled Horse.

Katherine realized that the object slowly moving in and out of her pussy was only slightly bigger then her husband's little worm and she saw that it was only Horse's index finger teasing her and worse, she was humping his hand like a bitch in heat.

Horse withdrew his finger saying, "I wants to taste this white pussy." He pushed her towards the side.

"No god please not that," she begged. The mere thought of anyone putting their mouths on anyone's genitals disgusted her.

Horse put his hands on her hips and effortlessly lifted her up on the side. He easily parted her legs and buried his face in her pussy. His tongue licked out teasing her labia and flicked over her extended clitoris.

"No, no," cried Katherine struggling as his arms held her. "Oh my god," she cried when his tongue reached her clit. It was the most pleasurable feeling of her life and her hips began undulating around his tongue. She felt a pressure building deep within her womb, growing stronger, getting closer. Her eyes flew open with surprise...

Dunnell quietly stood besides Horse watching for signs that she was about to cum. He knew Horse could eat white pussy for hours and wouldn't like being interrupted, but when he saw that she was close he pulled Horse back.

Dunnell heard Katherine cry out in despair and frustration. Horse looked at him like he was about to rip of D's head, but calmed down when Dunnell winked at him. "Horse we should stop, this is wrong," he said. "I'm sorry Katherine, we got carried away and you were just so beautiful. We'll leave now. I know you don't want him to eat your pussy anymore."

Katherine had leaned up and was looking at them in despair. "No please don't stop, I was almost there," she cried desperately.

Horse didn't need to be told twice and buried his face in her pussy again. Dunnell knew he only had a few minutes, so he pulled himself out of the water and leaning his face next to her ear whispered, "It's only fair that if we do this for you, you should do it for us."

Katherine had never orgasmed before and desperately wanted this one to happen, but she cried, "No, I can't cheat on my husband."

"A blow job isn't cheating," he whispered.

Dunnell saw that Horse had slowed down and was watching him above her pussy. "It's only cheating if we fuck you."

"No, I can't," she said.

"Horse let's go," said Dunnell forcefully.

Katherine felt the orgasm fading away again and when Horse's tongue gave one last flick along her pussy, she changed her mind. "No wait I'll do it," she implored, "just don't stop."

The feelings came back quickly as Horse once again returned to her pussy. She moaned as Dunnell tweaked her nipples between his fingers. He leaned over and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back until the feelings between her legs grew to big to ignore.

Dunnell leaned over and whispered, "You made the right decision.", just as she screamed in pleasure from a gigantic orgasm.

The orgasm seemed to explode from her body and she wondered how she had lived without them before. Something in the back of her mind linked her submission to her orgasm, but she ignored the thought as she writhed in pleasure. She had made the right decision.

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