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Solomon King 2
(An E&I Enterprises Story)
copyright 2000 by Stormbringer All Rights Reserved

Note: This story immediately follows the events in Solomon King.

The jeep cherokee skidded off the road, over a snow bank, its side slamming into a tree. Sam cursed and shivered as snow blew in the shattered back window of his stolen car. His new body wasn't keeping out the cold and if he didn't find shelter soon, he would be in deep shit.

Sam had never felt a cold so penetrating in his life. As a navy seal in training, he had knelt in freezing cold water until the instructor told him he could stand. As a homeless man, he had shivered on the streets of LA in winter. Yet somehow, this felt worse.

Sam opened the door cursing as a blast of cold snowy air smacked him in the face. He walked through the snow around the jeep, looking for a coat, blanket, or anything, but it was practically empty.

Sam looked over to the road. He had come to an intersection and slid across the road into a copse of trees. Sam checked the road he had come from for any signs of pursuit, but he didn't see any head lights down any of the roads.

Sam walked around to the back of the jeep and looked at the license plate. It said North Dakota. He looked back out at the road and saw the headlights.

It had appeared out of nowhere through the haze of the snow. Sam turned and ran through the snow, waving at the car, but it drove on by.


"Harold, stop the car," said Jessica Loomis. "There was man back there."

"Ok ok," said Harold, "but I can't promise I'll get her going again." Harold applied pressure to the breaks turning the wheel into the skid of the tires. After fish-tailing for a minute, the car came to a stop and he through it into reverse.

The back door opened and Harold saw his wife's eyes open wide as the largest black man he had ever seen climbed into the back seat. "Jesus buddy, your not even wearing a coat."

"Yeah. tell me about it," said the black man. "Thanks for stopping."

"Shame about your jeep," said Harold looking out the window. "I'm Harold, this is my wife Jessica."

Sam looked at the woman and smiled. She was a real cutie. She looked slightly chubby, but in all the right places. A very tan face was framed by long straight brown hair. She looked about twenty. "Funny you don't look Jewish," she said looking at his chest.

Sam looked down at the name tag on his uniform. It read Sol, which was the guards first name. "It's short for Solomon," he said. Sam Kingston liked the sound of it. Dr Foster had said he was as smart as King Solomon.

Sam Kingston was gone. He would need a new identity. Solomon King, that would be his new name, A new name to start a new life in a new, improved body.

"What's your story Solomon?" asked Jessica.

Solomon looked at her pretty face and felt his cock growing. The damn thing was insatiable.

"I'm a guard at a plant nearby and since I have off the next two days, I didn't want to be stuck at work, so I decided to risk the storm. How about you two, your both too tan to have been stuck in North Dakota."

"We're just getting back from our honeymoon in the Caribbean," said Harold and his wife leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, looking at him lovingly. "We landed at the airport and drove right into this storm. We're still about three hundred miles from home."

The three were chatting when The car suddenly spun around doing two consecutive three-sixties. Harold paused and took his hands off the wheel. They were shaking. "I don't think we're going to make it home tonight darling," he said, when he had calmed down. "There's a motel just outside the next town, we'll stop there and Solomon can get a tow truck in the morning after the roads have been plowed."

Harold got the car moving again and it took another hour to drive the twenty miles to the motel. It was your typical small hotel, several buildings, each with two floors. The motel looked full, the parking lot was crowded with cars and eighteen wheelers. Luckily, the sign read "Vacancy."

Harold pulled up at the office and ran inside, returning a couple minutes later. "We got a problem," said Harold. "they only had one room left. If you don't mind sleeping on the couch Solomon, you're welcome to share our room."

"I don't mind at all," replied Solomon.

Harold drove the car over to their room and parked. Solomon helped them bring their bags in and when all three were in the room, they stared at each other. Harold and Jessica at Solomon, Solomon mostly just at Jessica.

Solomon towered over the two newlyweds. He was a foot taller then Jessica and Harold's head only came up to his chin. Jessica looked over at the couch. "I'm sorry Solomon, it doesn't look like the couch is big enough for you."

"I'll be fine," he replied.

"Your uniform looks a little small," said Harold looking at Solomon's pants cuffs.

"Yes," replied Solomon, "I think the dampness from the snow has made it shrink."


The three prepared for bed, taking turns in the bathroom. Harold was waiting for Solomon when the black man came out of the bathroom. Solomon was wearing only his uniform pants, his bare chest rippled with muscles Harold had never even seen before. He couldn't help staring as he entered the bathroom as the black man left. Harold wasn't the jealous type. He had accepted his looks along time ago, but the sight of the muscular black man made him feel weak and inferior.

Harold got off the toilet and looked at himself in the mirror. He was a little short, balding, slightly pudgy, and he wore glasses. Not a lot to look at, but he thought of Jessica and considered himself the luckiest guy in the world.

He left the bath room and glanced over at the black man. Solomon was lying on the couch, eyes closed, his feet dangling off the edge. Harold admired his chest again before walking into the bedroom. A partition wall separated the two rooms, giving he and Jessica a little privacy. Jessica was standing in her bra and panties on the other side of the wall out of sight of the black man. Harold grinned at the sight of his sexy wife. "Jessica what are you doing?"

Jessica grinned back at him and unhooked her bra. "Just waiting for my wonderful husband."

"But what about..." he said nodding his head out toward the couch.

"We'll just have to be quiet," she said sliding her panties off. "We've had sex every night since getting married and I'm not ready to quit now. Besides, I'm really horny right now. I don't no what's gotten into me."

Harold looked at his nude wife. She had the cutest face he had ever seen. Her skin was a deep tan except for small patches around her lightly colored nipples and on both sides of her pubic hair, which she had shaved into a narrow strip. Jessica was one of those girls who looked chubby because she was so short, but would have been considered voluptuous if she were taller. She still looked fantastic in a bikini and she had gotten her fair share of stares from men on the beach in the Bahamas as her extra weight was concentrated in her ass and breasts.

Harold quickly stripped, his penis hardening as his wife came into his arms. She grabbed his dick with her hand and led him over to the bed, pulling him down on her.


Solomon's keen hearing picked up every kiss and whisper in the bedroom. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper freeing his big cock. He began stroking himself off.


Harold slipped a condom on an eased his penis into his wife's vagina and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist trying to pull him in deep. "Wow, you are horny," he said. "I've never seen you this wet before."

Suddenly an idea popped into Harold's mind. Jessica was shy and conservative, so he was slowly breaking her in. He had taken her virginity on their wedding night and was trying to get her to go a little further each time they made love. He wanted to try everything with his wife, oral, anal, bondage, but so far all he had managed was to get her to read a sex story magazine.

Jessica had enjoyed the stories. Reading several over and over. One bothered Harold because it was about a man with a ten inch penis and his was only half that big. The second was about a woman who liked showing off her body to strangers and he had talked Jessica into switching from a modest one piece bathing suit to a skimpy g-string bikini. The stares she got in the little bikini from the men on the beach really turned her on.

"Jessica, I have an idea."

'What's that?" she asked.

"You know how you liked men watching you in your little bikini."

"Yeah so?"

"Why don't we ask Solomon to watch us make love?"

Jessica gasped and her eyes got big, but he felt her pussy clamp down over his penis. "But I only did that because we were on vacation and nobody knew us. Besides, he's black."

"But he's a guard, so he must trustworthy. Look, we'll never see him again after tomorrow morning when we get him to a tow truck. What's the worse that could happen? He could say no and think were perverts, but so what."

"Ok," said Jessica meekly. She whimpered when Harold pulled his penis out of her and pulled his boxers on.


Solomon heard all this and quickly stuffed his cock back into his pants. He pretended to be asleep. He heard the man walk over to him and gently shake him awake. "Hey Solomon," said Harold.

"Yeah what's wrong," said Solomon groaning. "Is it morning already?"

"No, I have an unusual proposition for you. What do you think of my wife?"

"She's very pretty. You're a very lucky man."

"How would you like to watch us make love?"

"What!" said Solomon pretending to be surprised. "I've never had an offer like that."

"We've never asked anyone to watch before either. My wife's shy and I'm trying to loosen her up a bit. You wouldn't be aloud to touch her, just watch us. We're not into cheating or threesomes or anything like that. So how about it?"

"Lead on," said Solomon.

Solomon followed Harold into the bedroom. Jessica was peaking shyly at him from under the covers. He saw her eyes immediately run up and down his chest as she took in his physique. "Wow Sol," she said pulling the covers under her chin, "I've never seen a body that nice on a man."

"Thanks," grunted Solomon noticing Harold flush red with embarrassment as he looked down at his paunch.

"I'd be more comfortable with the lights off," said Jessica.

Harold flipped the light switch and the room turned pitch black. Solomon sat in a chair by the window and opened the blinds. Security lights reflecting off the snow immediately lit up the room well enough to see everything. "How's that?" he asked.

"Fine," said Jessica.


Harold gulped and yanked down his boxers. He had never been comfortable appearing nude before anyone except his wife. He had hated showering with his class mates in high school. Now he was naked before a muscular black man and his wife. Harold wanted the attention taken off his nude body, so he reached down and yanked the cover of Jessica.

Jessica gasped and tried to cover herself with her hands, her big breasts jiggling as her arm covered them. Harold looked over at the black man to see if he was staring at his wife. He was. His eyes looked like a predators, sweeping up and down Jessica's body. Harold suddenly had a nagging feeling this wasn't such a good idea.

Jessica pulled him down on the bed and on top of her covering her body with his. He felt the black mans's eyes on him, judging him, criticizing him and his penis felt like a limp little noodle. Jessica grabbed it and tugged on it trying to make him hard enough to penetrate her, but to no avail. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm just a little uncomfortable," he whispered in her ear.

"You guys are moving to fast," said Solomon. "Jessica, take his penis in your mouth."

Harold got the shock of his life when Jessica nodded. He had always wanted a blow job from his wife, but he had been afraid to even suggest it. Now, the black guy had ordered her to do it and she hadn't even hesitated.

He laid back on the bed and Jessica kneeled over him, bringing her lips close to his penis. She wrapped them around the head and sucked him into her mouth. This was something he had always dreamed of and he felt his penis finally start to respond.

"Harder Jessica, harder," said Solomon.

Jessica obeyed picking up speed. Harold had always worn a condom when they fooled around and the pleasure he felt from having his bare penis in her hot, wet mouth and he cried, "Suck me honey, suck my cock." The black man laughed interrupting Harold's first blow job "What's so funny?"

Solomon laughed again. "That ain't a cock. It doesn't even come close."

"What do you mean?" asked Harold.

"This is a cock." With one swift motion the black man pulled his trousers down freeing the biggest, blackest penis Harold had ever imagined. "That little thing is a little boy's penis."

Harold felt his penis shrivel in his wife's mouth. She had stopped sucking as she stared in awe at Solomon's cock. The thing had to be at least a foot long, thick as a wrist, with a big black plum sized head. A huge pair of balls dangled almost half way to his knees. Not only had Harold's penis lost it's erection, but he felt it shrinking as his balls retreated into his scrotum, just like they did in cold water.

Solomon kicked off his pants and stood naked, his cock pointing right at Harold making him feel inferior. "What are you doing? I said no touching."

"I'm just going to jerk off as I watch you fuck your lovely wife," said Solomon sitting back down.

"Jesus Harold, fuck me," said Jessica still staring in awe at the black man's cock.

Another surprise, Jessica had never used the word "fuck" in her life. Now she was mounting him, whimpering as an erection still failed to materialize. "Please Harold, I need to get fucked," she moaned. "I need a cock."

"You need a cock," said Solomon standing and walking over to the bed. "I can give you a cock, it's black, so it will give you what you need.

"No way," said Harold.

"P-please Harold," she pleaded. "Just let me touch it. I've never seen a cock before."

Solomon looked down at her. She was reaching for his cock without even waiting for her husband's permission. Jessica wrapped her fingers around the head of his cock and Solomon sighed. This couple had been nice to him, even saving his life, but there was no way he wasn't going to fuck her now.

Jessica was completely infatuated with his cock. She was measuring it with her hands, lifting it to examine his balls. Solomon took a step forward so that his cock slid along her cheek leaving a trail of pre-cum from her chin to her ear.

Solomon grabbed the back of her head and pulled her nose into his crotch. Jessica closed her eyes and moaned as she took a big whiff. Jessica pulled back and looked up at him. Her lips trembled as she leaned forward and kissed the head. She kept her lips on the head staring up at him like she was waiting for instructions. "Lick around the head," said Solomon.


Harold groaned at the sight of his loyal wife licking around the fat head of the black man's cock. Why was she doing this? Worse, she seemed very enthusiastic as she explored every inch of his cock with her tongue. She licked up his pre-cum and even teased his pee-slit, she licked the large flared ridge at the base of the head, she licked up and down his shaft, coating it with her saliva, and she even licked under his cock down to his balls, kissing and licking them also.

"Now suck it," said the black man.

Jessica never hesitated, she leaned forward taking the head in her mouth. Harold felt sick to his stomach, but there was another part of him that wanted to yield up his wife to this dominant male. It was like he didn't even exist to them, so he got up off the bed and sat in the chair. It was his turn to watch.

Watching them was actually the most erotic sight he had ever seen. The black man was standing by the bed. Jessica was on all fours on the bed sucking on the tip of his foot long cock, one of her hands was between her legs fingering herself.

"You can do better then that slut," said Solomon.

Jessica had been sucking on about four inches of his cock and she preceded to push more in. Harold actually felt a twinge of sorrow for his wife. She would gag with each additional inch, removing his cock and gasping for air. She seemed to get better as she got used to having it in her mouth. She was gagging less, breathing through her nose, and her head was starting to bob faster.

"Not bad, not bad," said Solomon when she managed ten inches. The man grabbed Jessica's head and began fucking her mouth as he forced her head up and down his shaft.

This seemed to go on forever. Harold couldn't believe the man's stamina. Solomon's body was glistening with sweat and he was grunting as he picked up speed. "Hey Harold, I want you to remember this next time you kiss your wife."

The black man pulled his cock out of Jessica's mouth. The monster looked even bigger now. It was swollen, engorged, it had turned even darker, and it looked like it was about to explode. It did.

It jerked in Solomon's hand and the next thing Harold saw was his wife's entire face covered in sperm. The black man pushed the head between her lips and Harold watched another wad fill her mouth. Jessica swallowed it and moaned as if she actually liked the taste. She clamped her mouth over the tip of his cock and swallowed several more loads. She brought her hand up and wrapped it around his cock. She began stroking forward like she was milking it.

Harold couldn't stand to watch any longer. The room stank of sweat, sex, and cum. The sperm on his wife's face was more then all the sperm Harold had ever cum in fifteen years of masturbation combined and that was only the first wad. Harold opened the motel room door, letting a blast of cold snowy air wipe away the smell, but nothing could ever wipe away the memory. He took another deep breath that cleared his head. A blow job was one thing, Harold needed to stop this from going under further. Harold gathered up his courage and decided to go tell Solomon to go back to the couch.

Harold walked back around the corner and his courage immediately fled again. Solomon hadn't moved, but Jessica had spun around so that her ass was facing him. Harold could see everything between her legs. Solomon was rubbing his cock up and down her slit and over her engorged labia.

"You sure you want this," said the black man.

"Yes, god yes, put it in me," she moaned thrusting her hips back.

"You want to get fucked by a real man's cock, a black man's cock?"

"Yes, fuck me with your black cock."

Harold watched Solomon push the tip of his cock into her pussy. Her labia spread open for it and he could saw her juices running down her thighs she was so wet.

Her labia stretched wide, then closed over the fat black cock head and Harold heard Jessica moan with pleasure. It was a moan he had never heard before when he had entered her. This moan was somehow more animalistic.

Solomon was thrusting his hips, working inch after inch into Jessica's pussy. Harold felt a twinge of pain when the black man passed the five inch mark giving Jessica more cock then Harold ever could. All Harold would have now were a weeks worth of pleasant memories of having his little penis snug in his wife's hot pussy. She probably wouldn't even feel him from now on.

At seven inches she experienced her first ever orgasm. Jessica's eyes grew wide in awe and her whole body seemed to shudder with pleasure. When she recovered, she turned her head and gave Solomon a look filled with such love that it broke Harold's heart.

She came again at eight inches. At nine, she yelped and came again. Harold looked from her face to her pussy and saw the Solomon had worked one of his thumbs into her ass. She seemed to like it. God, to have such power over a woman. The man was turning Jessica into a slut before his very eyes.

Jessica yelped again, this time in pain at the ten inch mark. "Please, no more," she cried. "You're too big."

Solomon pulled back until the head emerged from her pussy, then he slammed his hips forward burying his entire cock into her pussy. She screamed and struggled to get away from it, but he just held her hips, keeping all twelve inches in her.

They didn't move for about five minutes. The only noise was the occasional whimper coming from Jessica's mouth. Her body relaxed and Solomon began slowly moving his cock in and out an inch at a time. Jessica moaned and began thrusting her hips back to match his thrusts, she had grown accustomed to his size.

Harold watched her large, ponderous breasts swinging as Solomon picked up speed, Occasionally, Jessica would arch her back and scream as she came again and again. As he watched, her breasts started lowering until they mashed into the bed from Solomon's powerful thrusts.He was fucking her with the entire length of his cock now and his forceful thrusts had pushed her down into the bed until only her ass was raised into the air.

The fucking seemed to last forever, but eventually Solomon came. He bellowed as he thrust his cock into Jessica's pussy and held it there. Harold could see sperm pour out the sides of her pussy around his cock and run down her thighs. Harold backed into the wall with horror and slid down until he was sitting on the floor. Jessica didn't use birth control and Solomon had become the first man to ever cum in her unprotected pussy.

Harold must have passed out because when awoke, he was sitting on the floor in the fetal position. He stood up. Solomon was now kneeling on the bed with half his cock buried in Jessica's ass. Her hands were gripping the bedposts so hard that her knuckles were white.

Harold couldn't take any more and left the room to go sleep on the couch. He had trouble sleeping they were so loud. When he did finally fall asleep a loud crash immediately woke him up. They were laughing because a spring had busted on the bed. Harold covered his ears and tried to go back to sleep.


Solomon woke up around dawn, his cock was still in Jessica's pussy. He had passed out on top of her after cumming the sixth time. He pulled it out and climbed off her. This was the most spent he had ever seen his cock after being given the x-serum, but it still dangled longer and fatter then his old penis.

Solomon pulled his pants on and walked out to the other room for his shirt. The wimp was asleep on the couch, tossing and turning as if he were having a bad dream. Solomon pulled his shirt and shoes on, then grabbed Harold's pants and pulled out the man's wallet. taking a couple hundred dollars. He grabbed the car keys and walked out the motel room door.

The snow had stopped and the road had been plowed. He got in their car and started the engine, as it roared to life, Jessica ran out the door. She was wearing only a short robe it was untied and he could see her nude body as the wind blew it open. Her tan body provided an interesting contrast to the snow covered background. "Take me with you," she cried.

"Sorry, but I need to move on."

"But I need your cock," she pleaded.

"Find another black man to give you what you need," he said rolling up the window. He drove off in their car and turned onto the road. She stood behind him staring until the snow became too much for her bare feet and she returned to her husband.

Solomon chuckled. He had found away to get back at white society for destroying his life. He would fuck the white man's wives and daughters, making them submit to his superior cock. He pictured the lovely Jessica, cheating on her husband, sleeping with black man after back man endlessly searching for a cock as big as his to satisfy her.

Solomon chuckled again and drove off down the road.

© 2005 - All Rights Reserved