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Author: Frank
Title: Easywife pt.1
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My name is Frank, I'm a 33 year old salesman for a computer company. My wife is Jennifer. She is 30 years old and works in real estate. After we got married, she did what many women do, she gained weight. She didn't look terrible, she just wasn't what I had married. About a year ago, she looked at herself in the mirror and didn't like what she saw.

Jennifer began to exercise, cut out the cookies and soda for breakfast and basically get her act together. After a few months of this, she looked better than when I married her. She is 5'4"tall, has long curly light brown hair, is now a 34c-25-35. She has great legs and is hornier than ever. She's one of those women that the more they fuck, the hornier they get. Not a bad deal for me as I have been fucking her every chance I get. Well, the purpose of this story is to tell you about Jennifer's first experience (to my knowledge) getting fucked by a black man.

Our neighborhood association contracts out for maintenance work, painting, lawn care etc. The crews come out each week to do what is needed. Nobody pays much attention as they are always around. Most of the crewmen are black and most are also young as the pay is not that great. Jennifer had started wearing skimpy, revealing clothes most of the time she was home. She was always trying to get me to fuck her which didn't take much work. I had told her to be careful wearing those things and to not let the workmen see her or she might have a problem.

Because of my sales job, I am gone often. Sometimes for a few hours to a few days. One Monday about three months ago, I finished a sales call about 10am and headed home. I drove around the back to the garage and went to the patio door. As I was about to open it, I could see people in the house. I looked closer and saw Jennifer leaning back against the bar counter wearing nothing but one of my old red button down dres shirts.

She looked sexy as hell and my dick started to grow thinking about a morning fuck session. I did a double take when I saw a black guy standing a few feet from her. He was about 6'1", 200 pounds and looked to be about 18 or 19. He also looked like he was thinking the same thing was. He walked up to Jennifer, reached out and started squeezing her tits through her shirt. Her mouth opened slightly, but she offered no resistance. He ran his hands around her back, down to her ass and pulled her close to him. I saw his tongue as he started kissing her, all the while his hands were working her ass like fresh dough.

She put her hands on his biceps, but still didn't resist. Suddenly he reached up with one hand, grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back. He was saying something to her but I couldn't hear what. I could see Jennifer's lips answer "yes" several times. He then stepped back about 5 feet. With a look on her face of both fear and excitement, Jennifer began to unbutton her shirt. When she finished, he said something else and she bagen to pull on her nipples and squeeze her tits. He walked up to her, leaned down and started sucking on them. Her went began to move slowly one way then the other as he sucked and bit. I coule see the nipple on her other tit was hard.

One of his hands slid down between her legs. Her whole body lurched as he found her pussy. From the way her legs were trembling and her arms shook, I knew he was rubbing her clit. Her head began to bounce violently as he turned her knees to mush. I could see her mouth start to say "please" over and over. I knew she was asking him to fuck her, but still he didn't. He stepped back and said something to her. Jennifer dropped to her knees, unzipped his shorts and let them drop the the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear. His cock was half erect already. Jennifer began at the base and licked her way to the tip of his increasing hard dick. Her lips slipped over the head as her hands stroked his balls. Her spit had made his cock shiny and slicl looking. At full erection he appeared to heve 8, maybe 9 inches.

She continued to suck his dick for several minutes, licking, sucking and kissing his dick and balls like she hadn't had sex in years. Finally, he apparently told her to stand up. When she did, he roughly yanked the shirt down her shoulders and threw it on the floor. He tuened her around so she was facing the bar counter and bent her over. He crouched and began to enter her. As he did, her head arched back and she gasped. Her fingers were gripped tightly around the edge of the bar. Her hair had falen to the right side of her face and her mouth opened more and more until he had penetrated her all the way. He began to fuck Jennifer with long, slow strokes.

His dick was glistening as her pussy was soaking wet. Her hands repeatedly clenched and released the counter as she gasped, grimaced, panted and yelled. All the while, his thick, black cock slid in and out of her sweet pussy. He began talking to her again. Each time she would answer "yes". After several questions, he grabbed her hair, yanked her head back and began to pounding her extremely hard. ven though the door was closed, I could her her screaming as he slammed his dick into her. Suddenly she yelled "that's it" I knew she was about to cum. Her whole body tensed then jerked as the had an orgasm. Her pussy is super sensitive for several minutes after she cums, and she often has to take a break before w e fuck again. He didn't give her a chance.

After Jennifer came, he kept on pounding her. Her body was totally ridgid and she was screaming like hell as he fucked her. Several times she screamed "wait, please wait, stop". He ignored her and kept fucking that pussy. Jennifer's body began to tremble again and she yelled "Oh shit! Yes!". And she began another orgasm. And still he continued slamming his dick into her slit. He was still talking to her. I heard her yell "yes" several more times. Then she yelled "wednesday", then "all day", then another "yes", then "all of them", "I'll fick all of them".

She was telling him I was supposed to be gone all day wednesday. I assumed she was also telling him she would fuck anyone he brought with him. By this time they were both covered in sweat. Jennifer's tan body contrasted with his hard black muscles. He stopped, stepped back and said something. Jennifer turned, got on her knees and started sucking him aain. I knew what this meant. My wife was about to eat a black man's cum. He tensed as he got closer to releasing his load on Jennifer's face. Suddenly he grunted and his entire body tensed. Jennifer continued to suck his dick, but she was now pumping it with her left hand and rubbing his balls with her right. She swallowed several times as he came.

She pulled his dick out of her mouth and two streams of hot white cum shot across her face. She wrapped her lips around it again and sucked as he went limp. Jennifer got them both a towel and they talked as he got dressed. he gave her tits and ass one last squeeze and left. She went into our room and took a nap. I was stunned and horny as hell. My 30 year old wife had just spread her legs and been fucked by an 18 year old kid. It wouldn't be long before, every kid on that crew knew wbout the easy white pussy in the neighborhood. I had a feeling that if I came back wednesday I would find her getting passed around from one horny dog to another. Each one fucking her as much as he wanted.

I'll let you know what happens in part two.

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