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Solomon Buys A House
An E&I Acres Story
copyright 2001 by Stormbringer All Rights Reserved

Edward watched his wife get dressed from the corner of his eye as he tied the tie around his neck. "Honey, why don't you show some leg?"

"Edward!" said Claudia perturbed, but smiling. She liked that after ten years of marriage, her husband still couldn't take his eyes off her.

"I'm serious," said Edward. "If this deal goes through, we stand to make one million dolllars in commission. Anything to get him to sign his name on that contract." Edward sold real estate around Stony Harbor, Long Island. The House in question was a fifteen million dollar beach house. Those houses were owned mostly by the rich and famous of New York City and rarely came up for sale.

"Ok honey," said Claudia letting the dress she was wearing fall to the floor. "I have just the right dress." Claudia stood there wearing a lacy white garter ensemble and let her husband stare at her in her underwear. She turned and pulled out a tight black dress that only reached halfway to her knee.

Edward held his breath and felt his penis stir. Claudia was a beauty and was born near to perfection. What hadn't been perfect, a boob job had taken care of. His wife was a tall, leggy, raven haired woman with the body of a swimsuit model and the tan to match. Her breasts had been large before the operation, but she insisted on adding a cup size. Her large boobs changed her appearance from a pretty model to a sexy stripper, but at heart she was still a decent small-town girl.

Edward was a good match with his wife. He was tall, good-looking, and fit with only a slight paunch that hadn't existed five years earlier. He had been quite the ladies man in high school and college, marrying, and settling down just after college upon meeting the innocent Claudia. His charm with the ladies translated well into sales and he was quite successful. His penis turned fully erect watching his wife wiggle into her sexy dress. He couldn't be late to this meeting, so he'd have to take care of that later.


"Edward," whispered Claudia as they walked towards the entrance to the restaurant, "look at that black guy, he looks just like Fat Albert."

"That's actually my client's bodyguard," replied Edward. The obese black man made Edward feel uneasy, but then again so did his client.

They entered the restaurant and Edward immediately saw his client sitting alone at a table. The giant back man seemed to be the focal point of the entire room. Not only didn't any blacks live in Stony Harbor, but the sheer muscular mass of the man stood out like a sore thumb. He was bald headed, very handsome, with a goatee that gave him a sinister appearance.

"Claudia," said Edward, "this is Solomon King. Mr King, this is my wife, Claudia."

Solomon KIng stood up and Claudia found it hard not to stare as the black giant towered over both her and her husband. "A pleasure to meet you Claudia," said Solomon taking her hand in his. Her small hand completely disappeared in his. He held it slightly longer then he should of, his eyes piercing hers the whole time.

"Nice to meet you Mr King," she replied as they took their seats. "I don't usually come along on my husband's business meetings."

"Call me Solomon."

"Mr King, I mean Solomon," said Edward, "actually invited you. He saw our wedding picture on my desk and asked that I bring you along."


Edward tried to talk up the house all through dinner, but Solomon only had eyes for Claudia. The giant black man had his arm around Claudia's chair and kept talking to her. Occasionally, the black man's hand would disappear under the table and Claudia would blush furiously. She seemed to enjoy the attention, but looked uncomfortable and occasionally stared at her husband as if asking for help. Edward began to wonder if he shouldn't have asked her to dress so sexy. She was distracting Solomon a little too much.

"As you know this house is beach front and overlooks Long Island Sound. These homes rarely come up for sale Mr King." Edward felt like he was talking to a brick wall as Solomon kept staring at Claudia. "It's walking distance to the marina, both an indoor and outdoor hot tub. An upper deck for entertaining and a large bar.

"Claudia, would you like to dance?" asked Solomon as the house band started playing a slow tune.

"I'm not much of a dancer," she replied.

"Go ahead honey," said Edward.

Claudia flashed him a glare, but allowed Solomon to take her hand and lead her over to the dance floor. Edward reached in his briefcase and pulled out the contract. He was running out of ideas to convince Mr King to sign. He looked up at his wife and client dancing his eyes growing wide at the sight.


Solomon held her uncomfortably close as they danced. They were the only ones dancing and she felt like she was on display. Every eye in the restaurant were on them, many of them friends or clients of her husband. This town wasn't used to seeing anything interracial. Her husband was staring at them just as Solomon's hands ran down her back and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her against him.

Claudia could feel the outline of his penis against her stomach, it felt hard and impossibly huge, but it was still growing. Claudia tried to back off from touching his monstrous appendage, but Solomon held her tight and she quit fighting.

Claudia saw Edward get up and approach them. Her husband seemed nervous as he said, "May I cut in?"

"Sit down Eddie," said Solomon without even looking at her husband. Edward just stood still for a minute before returning to the table. Claudia felt a brief flicker of anger at her husband's meekness. Solomon didn't react at all, it was as if he expected people to obey him. Eventually, the music ended and Solomon led her back to the table.

Edward was pissed and was about to tell Claudia it was time to leave, when Solomon said, "lets take a look at that contract." Suddenly excited, Edward handed over the contract and watched Solomon check it out.

"What can you offer me to make me sign?" asked Solomon staring at Claudia.

"We're prepared to throw in a speed boat."

"I'm prepared to sign in the morning if you throw in the boat and an evening with your wife."

"What!" exclaimed Edward.

Claudia gasped and said, "no way, you pig."

"What do you stand to make off this deal, a million? That's a lot of money for one nights work. Think about it while I go piss."

"Never," said Claudia as the black man left the table.

"Do you believe the nerve of that man?" said Claudia looking at her husband. He actually seemed to be thinking about it. "You don't want me to do it?"

"Honey. of course not, but it is a lot of money. "We'd be set for life. We could travel, buy a bigger home, and we've talked about children."

Claudia looked at Edward in shock.


Solomon entered the bathroom. The stalls were crowded and he squeezed his way between two men. Solomon made a lot of noise as he stood back and whipped his cock out. The man on his left, lost control and peed on himself. The man on his right, gasped, shoved his penis back in his pants and got out of there.

Solomon loved doing that to white men. Make them feel inferior, make sure their wives didn't get any that night, and maybe the men would go back to their wives and put ideas about foot long black cocks in their heads. He liked doing that to men, what he didn't like was giving white men a million dollars of his money. Least he could do was destroy the man's marriage, if she left him then she would get half the money when she shacked up with some brotha.

Solomon walked over to Bull before returning to the table. "Did you do it?" Bull nodded. Solomon smirked, patted his friend on the shoulder and returned to the table. When Edward left the table while they were dancing , Bull had poured some X-cite into Edward's wine. The drug would make him impotent for at least a week. They jokingly called it anti-viagra from time to time. Interestingly, it had the exact opposite effect on women, but Solomon didn't want help forcing Claudia to submit to him.

Claudia was crying when he sat down. Edward looked sick, but said. "We'll do it."

"Good," said Solomon. "Lets be on our way then. I'll follow you back to your house and in the morning transfer fifteen million to your agency. You should have your commission by the afternoon.


Claudia was quiet as they drove home, Solomon's limo following them. Edward felt rotten selling his wife out for money.

"Edward," she said so softly he could barely hear her, "his penis rubbed against me while we were dancing."

"He's obviously a sick pervert. I'm sure it will all be over in a few minutes. Just think of everything we can do with the money."

"You don't understand. His penis felt huge, a lot bigger then yours. I'm scared."

Edward felt all the color drain from his face when he heard that. His penis was nothing to be ashamed of at just over six inches, but no man wanted to hear that another man was bigger. "It probably just felt bigger through his suit." He was worried though. He knew his penis was perfectly average, but what if Solomon was a little bigger. Could another inch make that much of a difference? Up until now, he hadn't thought that his wife might actually enjoy having sex with the black man.

They pulled up at their house a few minutes later, Solomon's limo parking behind them. Edward led his wife into their living room closely followed by Bull and Solomon.

Bull stood near Edward as Solomon sat down in a chair. "Lets get going," said Solomon. "You are mine for the evening. First, I want you to strip for me."

Claudia's dad had warned her about black men. Solomon had probably been waiting his whole life for a chance to fuck a white woman. Her legs wobbled as she walked before him and flashed him a look filled with hatred.

"You don't like me do you, Claudia?"

"I hate you, you arrogant bastard."

"Strip for me bitch."

Claudia's hands were shaking as she reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up.

"Excellent," said Solomon when he saw her garters.

Claudia pulled the dress over her head and threw it to the floor. She stood clad in only her bra and panties. She was blushing, but felt a surge of pride at the look on his face. Ever since she got the boob job, she had enjoyed showing off her body, wearing tight dresses or skimpy bikini's at the beach. She enjoyed showing off her body, but in those cases the men weren't going to sleep with her. Solomon's pants were tenting out obscenely and she could even see Edward frowning at it.

"Your magnificent, Claudia. Turn around for me."

Claudia did feeling humiliated at being treated like this, but feeling something else stirring deep in her belly.

"Remove your bra."

Only Edward and the surgeon had ever seen her bare breasts before now. This was something new. She unhooked her bra and held her arm across her breasts as she dropped her bra to the floor.

"Lower your arms, bitch."

Claudia slowly lowered her arms, quivering with shame. She was surprised to see her nipples were rock hard, engorged, jutting out further then she had ever seen them.

"Now the rest," said Solomon. He looked like a predator as he stared at her huge breasts.

Her breasts dangled ponderously as she bent to unhook her garter and rolled the stockings down her legs. When the garter was off, Claudia held her breath and quickly yanked her panties down letting two strange black men see her nude body. Claudia looked down in shame and instantly hated herself. Her panties lay at her feet and she could see a wet spot on the crotch. She was becoming aroused.

"You have a beautiful pussy," said Solomon standing and removing his tie. Her pussy was closely shaved for wearing her bikini and her pubic hair was as raven black as the hair on her head.

Solomon was removing his shirt now and she couldn't believe how muscular he was. His chest was covered with row upon row of hard ridged muscles.

"You any good at sucking cock?" asked Solomon undoing his trousers.

"N-no it's disgusting," she replied revolted at the idea. "I'd never do that."

"Your gonna suck mine," he said. Solomon was down to a small pair of briefs. His underwear looked like it was stretched out to the breaking point there were so many unnatural bulges underneath it and it was moving like it covered an animal trying to break free.

"I think you're curious. You want to see what a real man's cock looks like. Take it out and look at it."

Damn him, but she did want to see what it looked like. She walked over to Solomon and kneeled before him. Claudia reached out a trembling hand when Edward yelled, "No Claudia don't. We don't need the money."

Claudia paused and looked at her husband. Bull had his beefy hand around Edwards neck preventing him from talking any more.

"I'll make you a deal bitch," said Solomon. "Prove to me your not a slut. If you can look at my penis without kissing it, I'll still sign the papers and you don't have to go any further.

Claudia nodded, that would be easy. She reached up her hands, they were a little steadier this time as she gained confidence. She grabbed his briefs and pulled them out before quickly yanking them down. Solomon's cock struck out at her like a snake. It came so fast she reared back her head in shock. Freed from it's prison, Solomon's cock turned hard and pointed right at her mouth. She stared cross-eyed down his shaft in awe of it. The thick black cock was at least a foot long with a head the size of a small apple. His balls were sized to match his cock, big and full. She couldn't imagine how much sperm those things must hold.

Edward felt his own penis shrinking up into his scrotum. His worst nightmare was revealed to him. Solomon's cock wasn't just an inch bigger then his own, it was twice as big, and twice as thick.

Solomon grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward so that her nose was buried in his pubic hairs. He released her, but she kept her nose there breathing deeply. His pheromones were starting to remove all reluctance from her mind.

Solomon's cock smelled of sweat, but it smelled enticing...masculine. She nuzzled the base of his cock and then ran her nose up the entire length to the head. Without thinking, she puckered her lips and kissed the tip.

"Claudia, no," shouted Edward before Bull shut him up again.

She wasn't listening any more nor did she stop with one kiss. She kissed down his entire shaft then back up. As she kissed the head again, her tongue flickered out and lapped up the pre-cum leaking out the tip. Soon her tongue was running all around the head. She could sense Solomon's need to cum and he needed her help.

Claudia didn't understand what had gotten into her. She had a burning desire to lick every square inch of his cock and she didn't stop with his shaft, she moved on to his balls. She shouldn't be enjoing this. She wouldn't enjoy this with her husband, but she was enjoying herself licking a strange man's giant black cock.

Claudia wanted him to cum. She wanted him to enjoy it. She licked back up to the tip and for the first time took a man's cock into her mouth. Just the head filled her mouth completely.

Edward couldn't understand why his wife was reacting the way she was nor how she could manage such a big dick. Claudia was forcing Solomon's dick down her throat. She jerked her mouth off it from time to time as she gagged and she seemed frustrated that she was having difficulty swallowing it.

She was also clearly aroused. Her nipples stood out like pencil erasers and she was squirming as she kneeled before Solomon. Every now and then her hand would wonder down to her pussy, but reverse itself to hold Solomon's dick steady. She seemed to need to please herself, but was more concerned with pleasing the black man.

Finally, Solomon appeared close to cumming. He seemed very intense and was staring down at Edward's wife with a look of contempt written all over his face. Claudia appeared to be at the end of her strength. She had managed to swallow about nine inches and her once wildly bobbing head was slowing down. Her beautiful nude body was covered in sweat from exertion, but her hard work had paid off.

Solomon bellowed like a bull and Claudia's eyes flew open with half his dick shoved down her throat. Her cheeks bulged out and Edward saw her gulp as she pulled her head back off his dick. Her cheeks bulged out again as her lips cleared his cock-head. Sperm poured out of her mouth just as another wad of cum covered her face. Edward gasped in horror, the wad that covered her face was more sperm then he had ejaculated his entire life and more cum was spurting from the tip of the cock.

When Solomon was done, his cock was still hard. In fact, it seemed even more rampant now. "Ready to find out what a real cock feel's like in your pussy slut," said Solomon shaking his cock at her.

"Jesus no," shouted Edward. "I don't care about the money any more, just don't fuck my wife."

Solomon looked slyly at him and said, "I'll make you a deal Eddie. If you get down here and fuck your wife while I watch, I won't fuck her."

"Somebody needs to fuck me," said Claudia. She was wiping sperm off her face. Edward stared at her, she was actually pushing the sperm into her mouth as if she liked it.

"Come on Eddie fuck her, she wants it," said Solomon.

Edward suddenly didn't want Solomon to see his penis. He was embarrassed by it, but if he let that black monster inside his wife she would be ruined for life. He was even more embarrassed when he lowered his pants. His penis and balls were shrunken and had receded into his scrotum. It looked like he had a little boy's cock.

Solomon's cock was inches from his head as he kneeled between Claudia's legs. Edward tugged on his penis several times, but it remained a limp little noodle. It was so shrunken, it was only about two inches long. Edward glanced over at Solomon's cock, it hadn't shrunk an inch. Edward was overwhelmed with a sense of inferiority as Solomon brought his cock closer and waved it under his nose. He could never satisfy his wife like Solomon could. Just like Claudia had, Edward kissed the tip of the foot long black cock pointed at his mouth. Filled with shame, Edward moved out of the way so that Solomon could kneel between his wife's legs to fuck her.

Solomon kneeled and hooked his arms under Claudia's legs. "Why don't you guide it in for me Eddie," said Solomon.

Edward looked down at Solomon's cock. He hesitated only a moment before reaching out and grabbing it. As his hand wrapped around the shaft, Edward suddenly wanted to yield his wife up to Solomon. He pushed the cock down and placed the head poised against his wife's pussy lips.

Solomon pushed forward and his cock slid between Edward's fingers. Edward stared fascinated as his wife's pussy lips stretched wide around Solomon's gigantic cock-head and then slowly closed around it. Claudia had a look of disbelief on her face as she raised her hips into his cock, moaning with pleasure.

There was a loud slurping sound as Solomon pushed inch after inch through Edward's hand deeper into Claudia. Edward had never seen Claudia this wet before. Just over half of Solomon's cock had easily slid into her before meeting resistance.

Solomon pulled back and Edward could see his wife's juices glistening on the black cock in his hand. Solomon began thrusting his cock so that Edward was jerking him off at the same time Solomon was fucking his wife. Each thrust sent his cock deeper into virgin territory. Edward's hand was soaked as Solomon's cock slid through it and he knew his wife had cum.

Eventually, Edward's hand pushed against Claudia's pussy and Solomon said, "let go wimp so I can give her these last few inches." Edward reluctantly let go and Solomon pulled his entire cock out. With one forceful thrust, all twelve inches slammed into Claudia's pussy drawing a loud scream from his wife. At first, Edward thought it was from pain, but the ecstatic look on her face suggested a powerful orgasm.

The real fucking began now that it was in all the way. Solomon laid down over Claudia and began slamming his cock into her. His large muscular body completely covered the white woman. All Edward could see of his wife, were her legs spread wide around Solomon's bucking ass and her hands clawing Solomon's back.

Edward watched Solomon fuck at that pace for an impossibly long twenty minutes while listening to his wife's screams muffled under Solomon's chest.

Eventually, Solomon arched his back and held his cock buried in Claudia's pussy as he came.

Claudia's whole body was spasming and her belly was undulating as she had another powerful orgasm.

Solomon leaned back, sitting up and his cock plopped out, shooting a long strand of sperm across Claudia's belly as it cleared her pussy. The black man stood and held out his hand in which Bull immediately placed a cigar just as he was pulling out a lighter. Edward's mouth was open to say, "no smoking," but he closed it feeling like an idiot for thinking he had any say in the matter.

Edward stared down at his wife splayed out on the floor. She seemed dazed or asleep and she couldn't seem to be able to close her legs. Her pussy lips were spread wide and would spasm every now and then with sperm pouring out each time. She stayed like that not stirring until Solomon had finished his cigar.

"Which is your bedroom Eddie?" asked Solomon.

"F-first door on the left, upstairs," answered

Edward looking down at Solomon's cock. It had only shrunk a couple inches. The head now angled down slightly and there was a pool of sperm on the carpet underneath it.

Solomon pulled Claudia to her feet and half-carried her up the stairs. Edward rose to follow, but Bull put his hand on Edward's shoulder to stop him. Whatever, was going to happen now, he wouldn't be watching.


Edward woke up on the couch just as Solomon was coming down the stairs. Finally, the black man's cock was limp, but it was still close to ten inches as it dangled between his legs. Bull was asleep on the couch and stirred as Solomon began dressing.

Edward ran past the black men and up to his room. Claudia was lying on her stomach with her ass thrust upwards. Both her pussy and her ass were now large holes filled with both wet and dried sperm. In fact her whole body was covered with flaky trails of dried sperm. As he looked at her, she stirred and mumbled, "I love black cock."

Edward heard a car door slam outside and ran downstairs. He ran out the door and up to the limo just as Bull was starting it. The tinted window in back slid down and Solmon thrust the contract in his hand just before the window closed again. The limo moved out of his driveway and drove off.

Edward looked down at the contract, it was signed. He was a million dollars richer. He hoped the price wasn't too high. Things should work out as long as he kept his wife away from black men.

Edward looked up as a truck pulled up to his mailbox. It was a pick-up with two giant black men sitting in back, both were as big as Solomon. They waved and drove off.

He opened his mailbox and pulled out a brochure. It read: E&I Lawn & Pool Care. Edward felt his face turn white as he looked down the street. Already, groups of black men had appeared and were working in yards around his development.


Solomon walked out on the upper deck of his new home and looked out over the water. He had come here for a reason. Henry the E&I chemist, had been begging Solomon for a modern lab to produce the X-serum and X-cite. Currently, they used converted drug labs for production, but with the recent purchase of the pharmaceutical lab outside town, E&I Incorporated was going modern.

He would spend his weekdays in New York and his weekends here. He wasn't about to buy homes for all the blacks coming here to work at the factories, they would have to find their own homes, namely by breaking up local families.

He walked over to a telescope overlooking the sea and focused it on movement down the beach. He grinned at the picture in the lens. Lifeguard tryouts were underway. The enhanced blacks were leaving their white rivals behind in the sand. The hardest part was finding blacks who could swim. These men had been training for months. Lifeguards got a lot of pussy and soon these beaches would be crawling with the bikini clad wives and daughters of the rich and famous.

Other teams were drugging the local water supplies with Xcite. There was going to be a lot frustrated women around here. Before Solomon moved in, the African-American population of Stony Harbor was zero. Things were about to change.

Solomon moved his telescope around to his neighbors. Maybe he could spot some wives to fuck.

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