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Love the site. The stories and photos are fantastic. As someone who introduced his wife to the pleasures of dark meat within our marriage, though, I'm a bit surprised at some of the comments that appear in the letters.

Sure, cuckolded husbands and the power of the black master is all part of the fantasy and fun. But for me, it goes much deeper than that. We have met five or six black guys and each meeting has been different and enjoyable but at no time did I feel intimidated or jealous. In fact, in our relationship it is ME who has the power. What greater love than to give your wife the enjoyment of tasting another man's cock?

For myself, I love the power in being able to give my beautiful wife to a black man to enjoy and then reclaim her later. My wife says the best part to her is to watch my reaction and watch me wank and come in front of her while watching. I also video and photograph and spend many nights enjoying the sight long after the event.

The juxtaposition of black and white flesh is very powerful. I love the sight of a white cock in a black woman's cunt, similarly a black hand on my wife's pearly white tits. I like to hear her being abused verbally, called a 'white slut' or a 'white whore who loves her black meat'.

Does she enjoy it? Sure! But, as she has said to me on many occasions, it can be anything in her. It's no different from a black vibrator. This doesn't mean that I don't respect the black guy enjoying my wife but the main thing for me is that his reward is to get a fuck from my wife, beyond that it is I who has the power.

Some of the photos on your pages are very good but only one of the men that we have met was larger than me - and he wasn't able to keep his performance to the peak that I can, or expect from others. One of the men we met found my presence intimidating and I was forced to bark orders to him in order to pleasure my wife and myself.

So for those of you who love the idea of interracial sex but are unsure of your reaction, my advice to you is try it. You don't have to be a white wimp or demand a black master. You can work it on your own terms. You can go black and go back!

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