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Girls Night Out 4
Copyright 2001 by Stormbringer

Part 4: Alisa

"Hic, oops excuse me," said Alisa trying to suppress the hiccups. For the first time in her life, she had loosened up a little and gotten drunk. It was also the last time she would loosen up as she was getting married in three days. "Yoush two shure you don't mind taking me home?"

"Not at all," said Marcus grinning at her. He was driving the car. His buddy Darren had gotten in the back seat with her for some reason. "It's no trouble."

"That's right," added Darren, "one of our duties is to escort the dancers home, so why not you? You lost your ride and are too drunk to drive anyway."

All three were dripping wet from running to Marcus' car in the rain. It was raining even harder now. "I can't thank you enough. You're real gentlemen to help a woman in trouble."

"Our pleasure," said Marcus.

"And yours," added Darren.

The two black men laughed at that, but Alisa didn't get it. She sat back and looked at her saviours. Both black men wore goattees and were bald. They were both masses of muscles, even more so then Lamar and Leon. Marcus had dark black skin while Darren was lighter. She couldn't help glancing down to see if they had bulges. They did. She could see the outlines of two huge cocks running down their pants legs.

"See something you like?" asked Darren catching her staring at his bulge.

Alisa blushed. "You two look as big ash the schtrippers I shaw tonight."

"We're black aren't we?" asked Marcus.

"Are all blacksh big?" she asked.

"Of course," said Darren. "That's why black men make better lovers."

Yesterday, she wouldn't have believed him, but today after seeing four hung black men at the bar and knowing that Debbie and even married Sherie were sleeping with black men at this moment, convinced her. She wondered where Kerry was? One thing was for sure, her bigoted friend wasn't with a black man.

Alisa turned to look at the road, but the oncoming headlights were blurry and made her dizzy. She found her attention being drawn back to the black men's crotches. She had an overwhelming desire to see what they were packing. "If I tip you, will you let me see your penises?"

"We ain't strippers," said Marcus and Alisa felt her hopes sink, but he added, "You can see ours for free."

"But we don't have penises," added Darren. "We have cocks, big black cocks. White men have little penises. Ask us to show you our big black cocks."

"May I shee your big black cocksh?" Alisa asked delighted that this wasn't going to cost her anything. She needed all her money for the wedding and honeymoon.

Darren went first, unzipping his pants and raising his hips to pull them off. He wore briefs so overstretched, the material looked thinned, but she couldn't tell as the car was too dark. Darren flipped his briefs down, and his cock sprang up at half mast. He gave the tip a couple tugs and soon it grew to its full length around thirteen inches.

Alisa leaned down in the dark car for a closer look. "Dear god, it's as thick as a coke can."

That wasn't an exageration. He often had to follow another "enhanced" just to get it in. Women never recovered from Darren's cock. After him, many couldn't even feel some of the smaller nine-ten inch "enhanced" until their pussys slowly closed up months later. His balls were splayed out and looked like two of the fortune telling eight balls that children played with. They produced excessive amounts of sperm and Darren had once measured a typical orgasm of his by filling up a 20oz coke bottle. He had overflowed the bottle. For some reason, he also was finding that he was extremely fertile.

"You'd better take mine out since I'm driving," called Marcus from the front. She was reluctant to take her eyes off Darren's monstrous cock, but she did want to see what Marcus was packing.

Alisa reached around to the front of the car and fumbled with the buttons on Marcus' jeans. "Hurry up," he said, "before it gets hard and runs down my pant leg. It can get very uncomfortable." Alisa hurried with the zipper. "Faster, it's stiffening." Alisa reached in and yanked it out, feeling it swelling up in her hand. Alisa stared in awe at Marcus' big horse cock. It was longer then Darren's, around fifteen inches long and very thick, but not as thick as Darren's cock.

Marcus had one of the biggest cocks on record. He had been big before enhancement at just over eight inches, now it stayed that big soft. Both he and Darren were newly enhanced and still finding out what their bodies were capable of. The other "enhanced" saw them as natural leaders and they were both going places in the company. The bouncer job was just temporary until new assignments came in.

"You can touch mine too," said Darren.

Alisa had never released Marcus' cock from her grip. Her hand had been hefting and stroking it. She brought her left hand over to Darren's cock and squeezed it too. She was holding two of the biggest cocks in the world. She felt honored.

The confined car filled with the smell of their huge cocks. The smell assaulted her brain insinuating its way into every thought. They had the same hold on her as Lamar's cock had, only trapped in the car the odor was more powerful. Alisa felt the tape she used to cover her nipples stretching as they tried to harden and her crotch was getting wet. Her crotch had never gotten wet, Todd had to coat his penis with lotion to get it in her. She felt sorry for the two black men. Their cocks were so swollen, they had to hurt. They needed to cum real bad and they needed her help, but she was engaged and in love.

Marcus pulled into a motel and pulled his cock out of her hands as he got out. He walked over to the lobby and started talking to the desk clerk, an older black man. He soon returned, and though her eyes couldn't focus on it, it appeared he hadn't put his cock away even when talking to the clerk. "Where are we?" she asked.

"We're getting a motel room."

"I thought you were taking me home?"

"We will in the morning. You live too far to drive tonight and it's raining too hard. I'm also tired and probably shouldn't be driving."

"I'm tired too," said Darren, yawning and grinning at her.

"I shee," she replied slurring, still a little drunk. Seeing their cocks had seemed to have a sobering effect on her. Darren helped her out and she took a big whiff of fresh air. It was pouring rain now, but the fresh air helped clear her head of impure thoughts. Another minute in the car and she wasn't sure what she would have done. Their cocks seemed to draw her like magnets. They ran through the rain to the room.

Marcus unlocked the door and they entered the room It only had one king-sized bed. "Where will I sleep?" asked Alisa.

"We're all taking the bed. We're all adults here," said Darren removing his shirt. Marcus was already topless and working on his pants. Both men had the torso's of greek gods only with black skin.

Their giant cocks sprang free as their pants came off. They hadn't shrank an inch. These men were more muscular and better hung then any others she had seen tonight.

"You'd better get out of those wet clothes before you catch cold," said Marcus. He ripped open her bulky blouse, sending buttons flying everywhere.

"Wait," she said. "I can't, I've nothing to wear." Marcus pulled the destroyed blouse up over her head, covering her mouth and muffling her voice. Hands were undoing her ankle-length skirt which fell to floor. Voices said, "they look like my grandma's panties." "Shit, this is one hot looking bitch." Something cold and metallic touched her skin near her panties and ripped up. Her panties stretched out then fell off her. The knife moved up to her bra and cut the strap securing her breasts. Alisa had large, firm breasts that rivaled Debbie's. Her bra's were designed to conceal them as much as possible as she was uncomfortable showing off her body. "Look at this shit, she covers her nipples." The bandages covering her nipples were ripped off and a muffled "ouch" came from Alisa under the shirt. Her two, puffy, inch-long nipples sprang free. They were the longest, thickest, nipples either black man had seen. She covered them to keep from poking out her clothes and embarrassing her. Alisa was built like a cartoon slut.

Alisa struggled and pulled the blouse over her head. She stood nude, these men seeing more of her then anyone else had, including her fiance. They had completely stripped her in less then a minute. "I say Alisa," said Marcus. "You are one of the hottest women, I've ever seen."

"Yeah," added Darren. "Your body is incredible. Why do you try to hide it?"

"It's embarrassing." She was blushing from head to toe. "Look how big they are." She hefted her breasts just under her nipples "You can't possibly find these attractive." Both their cocks spasmed as she held up her breasts. They were perfectly formed and her nipples were so long she could lick them herself.

"We should hurry and get to bed," said Darren. He was staring at her body with as much awe as she had stared-and was still staring- at his cock. It filled her with self confidence to see how these men were reacting to her.

"I don't think it appropriate to sleep nude together," she said. "I'm to be married in two days now." It was late in the morning.

"You're right but there aren't any more rooms available."

"I didn't see many cars in the parking lot."

"They're remodeling. I tell you what though, for proprieties sake, we'll face different directions. Hop in."

Alisa sat on the bed. She had been planning on squeezing in on the edge, but Marcus and Darren swiftly moved in on either side of her trapping her between their bodies.

They were gentlemen and let her recline in the normal position, while they put their heads where you normally put your feet. Their bulky bodies took up most of the bed, tightly wedging her between them. Her bare flesh was constantly rubbing against theirs. She was facing Darren and his thick cock was poking her forehead. She thought she'd feel more comfortable if they turned out the lights, but she also wanted the oportunity to examine his cock up close. Darren stretched, his cock sliding down her face as he did so.

Alisa flipped over only to find herself in the same predicament. Marcus' longer cock extended farther down her forehead. "Can you two slide down some more, your cocks are in my face."

Marcus grabbed her legs and pulled her down instead of sliding down himself. She was now staring at his six pack abs. Much better, she thought until Marcus let out a big yawn. His tongue flickered between her legs and over the nub on her pussy. A jolt of electricity seemed to run up her spine at his touch.

Alisa struggled to climb back up, only to find her face was in his crotch again. She slid back down, and sure enough, he yawned again. This time his tongue seemed to lick up the nub. Another jolt went up her spine. Alisa flipped over and Darren yawned. His tongue felt large and prehensile, curling around the tip of her pussy before slipping away.

Alisa didn't know what to do. She turned back over and Marcus let out a big yawn. It lapped the tip a couple times and it felt so good, she stiffled a moan. She could still feel it on the tip, like he was sticking his tongue out. Her hips, involuntarily moved forward, so that his tongue slid across her. Alisa's legs parted and she started thrusting her hips more excitedly. She was fucking his extended tongue now. With that, Marcus grabbed her legs and spread them wider as he buried his face in her pussy.

It was disgusting, but nothing had ever felt so good. She knew it was wrong, but each flicker of his tongue sent shockwaves of pleasure radiating out from her pussy. It felt so good she couldn't gather the strength to push him away. Marcus moved his arm and Alisa felt one beefy finger push its way into her vagina. The tip started rubbing around a spot deep in her pussy and Alisa's hips began bucking uncontrollably.

It happened when Marcus sucked on her clit. Alisa was still writhing with pleasure from the movement of his finger. Marcus placed his lips on her clit and sucked inward. The explosions started in her pussy and radiated outward. Alisa had never had one of course, only making love to Todd several times and he was as inexperienced as she was. It was her first orgasm and it was incredible. Her pussy seemed to squeeze his finger only to balloon up again. It felt like a series of firecrackers going off one after the other.

Alisa was still spasming from the orgasm when she felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart by Darren. His tongue slid down her ass crack and around her anus. Alisa didn't have time to object or be disgusted, she was too busy moaning to speak. By the time she recovered from the orgasm, Darren was pushing his tongue into her ass hole and it actually felt good. Marcus was still sucking on her clit while fingering her and the additional sensations in her ass had another orgasm exploding from her pussy within seconds of the first. Alisa reared her head and found herself staring at Marcus' bulbous cock-head. She followed her first instinct, which was to stretch her neck towards his cock. He was so tall that she could barely reach, but she did manage to kiss the head as a way of saying thanks. When she recovered from the second orgasm, she couldn't believe she had kissed the thing a man peed from, and a black stranger at that, but it had felt completely natural to her.

"Next time, you take the ass,"said Darren to Marcus.

"That felt incredible," said Alisa stretching

"You ready to try what your friends are having?" asked Darren.

"No, I can't cheat on my fiance, but thank you anyway." Alisa was lying on her back, feeling their big cock-heads touching her hair. She was begining to understand why her friends hadn't been able to resist the black men. She would forgive Sherie for the sin of adultery.

Suddenly, Marcus jumped off the bed. "Ow, ow, ow," he said limping around the room.

"What's wrong?" asked Alisa sitting up.

"Charley horse."

"Can I help?"

"Yes, can you massage my leg for me?"

"Of course."

Marcus pulled her to her feet and sat on the bed. He spread his legs as she kneeled at his feet and began rubbing his calf. This put her at eye-level with his crotch. She stared at his huge erect phallus as she kneeled at his feet. The head bobbed before her eyes as she massaged his leg.

"Did you enjoy having your pussy eatten?" asked Marcus.

"Yes, I loved it." Alisa rubbed his leg harder. His leg was so muscular it was like rubbing a rock. "I hope my fiance will do it."

"White boys don't like to eat pussy. They're too prissy. Now massage my thigh."

"My Toddy will do anything for me," she said working her hands up to his thighs. Though Marcus was right, Todd was prissy and she couldn't picture him doing what Marcus had just done.

Moving her hands up to his thighs, put her lips closer to his bobbing cock-head and one of her hands against his balls. The smell coming off his cock was delicious, even after coming twice she was still horny and smelling it seemed to make her hornier.

"Why don't you heft my balls?" ordered Marcus. Alisa obeyed feeling how heavy they were. "Why did you kiss my cock, Alisa?"

Alisa blushed. "I don't know, I just felt so good, I wanted to thank you. It felt right."

"I could barely feel it. Could you thank me again?"

Alisa nodded. Her left hand moved over to the base of his cock and held it steady while her right hand still massaged his balls. She puckered up and kissed the crown, being careful to avoid the white stuff leaking out from the tip. "Thank you," she said before kissing it again. She let her kiss linger a little, while she inhaled his scent through her nose.

"You know it's customary to return the favor."

"What do you mean?" she asked, she had removed her lips, but still held his cock. She found herself reluctant to release it.

"I made you cum with my mouth, so you have to do the same for me."

"Oh, I couldn't do that. It sounds so dirty." Alisa felt her nipples hurting, they were so hard with excitement at the thought. "Plus, I can't cheat."

"Oral sex isn't cheating. Besides, your fiance will love it and if you do a real good job, he might just eat your pussy as good as we did. Don't you want to have your pussy eatten again?"

"Yes, I want that very much."

"The trick is to do such a good job that he'll do anything for you for another one. However, you need to do a good job and that takes practice."

"I can practice on you!"

"Smart girl. You can start by licking all over it. Start with the head and work your way down."

It sounded like a great idea to her. Between the alcohol and the smell coming off Marcus' cock, Alisa's thoughts were clouded. She couldn't think clearly and found it easier to let him do her thinking for her. Alisa stuck her tongue out and licked around the crown.

"Lick everywhere," ordered Marcus.

Alisa had been avoiding the pre-cum flowing out his pee-slit. She sighed and moved her tongue over it, lapping up his juice. There was so much of it, it had been hard to avoid anyway, but then a cock this big needed a lot of lubrication. It didn't taste bad at all and her tongue pushed into his pee-slit trying to get more. His cock spasmed as she teased the head.

"Now the shaft."

Alisa nodded and moved her tongue down his rod. She licked every ridge, every bump, and every puffy blue vein as she coated the shaft with saliva.

"Don't forget the balls."

Alisa licked the underside of his cock down to his scrotum. His balls were bigger then tennis balls and only looked small compared with the monsters dangling between Darren's legs. She licked around his left testicle and then the right.

"Now it's time to see how good a cock sucker you are. Put the head in your mouth and try to see how much you can swallow."

Alisa pulled a pubic hair off her tongue and licked back up his shaft. She stretched her mouth wide and took him inside. She gagged as soon as it touched the back of her throat.

"Take it easy baby. Relax. Take a little at a time and breathe through your nose. Remember, do a good job on me and your husband's little white penis will be a breeze."

Alisa hadn't even thought of her fiance she was too intent on serving Marcus. She couldn't even think how Todd must compare to Marcus, half as big, a third? She hadn't seen it, only felt him inside her in the dark. Marcus' thumb was probably bigger.

Alisa tried again relaxing her throat and breathing through her nose. This time she took the tip in her throat before she had to pull out. She tried again and again, each time taking a little more until it felt like the head was in her belly. She was crying and trying not to gag.

"Come on baby, don't over do it," said Marcus. "It takes practice and you'll never be able to get it all. Just suck on what your comfortable with and jerk off the rest."

Alisa nodded. She was crying because she feared she was failing at this and Marcus wouldn't be happy with her. She began bobbing her head over just half of his cock while stroking the rest with both hands.

Marcus reached over her head and took her scrungie off, letting her hair cascade over her shoulders and back. "You have beautiful hair. Never wear it up," he ordered

Alisa continued sucking and stroking him. From time to time, she had to rest, but she continued licking the head while catching her breath. Eventually, the steel shaft in her mouth and hands began to grow. The head swelled up even bigger and the veins hardened. Marcus placed his hand on the back of her head, keeping his cock in her throat.

His grunt warned her first. Then his cock seemed to recoil and shoot forward jerking in her throat. His hot seed flowed down her throat into her belly. He was slowly withdrawing it and as the head entered her mouth, her throat closed up behind it. Alisa's mouth immediately filled up with sperm until her cheeks bulged out and it dribbled down her chin.

Alisa swallowed, choking. She fell on all fours, sperm pouring out her mouth. gagging at the amount. Another, equally large wad splattered across her back and hair. She swallowed what she could and brought her mouth up to his cock-head again catching the third wave in her face. Her lips clamped down over the tip in time to swallow several mouth fulls.

Alisa kneeled between this incredible man's legs, with the head of a huge fifteen inch dark black cock in her mouth, swallowing his seed. She looked up at his muscular chest and handsome face staring down at her. A strange feeling came over her. It was a sense of belonging as if she knew her place in the universe and had discovered her purpose in life.

His cock finally softened and went limp in her mouth, though it remained at least ten inches long. Alisa reluctantly pulled her lips off it.

"Not fair, you gotta get me off too," said Darren. "I'll never be able to sleep with this thing so hard."

"There's no way, I'll be able to swallow that thing," Alisa replied, but she was already licking her lips at the thought of more sperm, even though her belly felt full.

"You gotta do it. I helped get you off."

"Let me go clean up first." Alisa went to the bathroom and used a washcloth to wipe the sperm off her face that she couldn't reach with her tongue. She cleaned off what she could on her back and in her hair. It was like a completely different woman staring back at her from the mirror. Her cheeks were puffy and her eyes were red, but she was glowing. The person looking back at her was an exciting sexual being, not what she was used to seeing.

She walked back to the bedroom naked, a previously unknown sway finding its way to her hips. Darren was now sitting on the bed with his erect, coke-can thick cock sticking out from his crotch. "Marcus said you were pretty good. Lets see if you can handle this."

"Yeah bro," said Marcus, "what she lacks in experience she makes up with enthusiasm."

'My god!' thought Alisa. I was showing enthusiasm. What am I doing? It must be the booze, this isn't me. Before she could think any more, Darren had grabbed her hips and was pulling her down. She fell to her knees and looked crosseyed down his thick black log. There was no way she could take that in her mouth. Alisa wrapped her right hand around the base, amazed by the fact that there was a four inch gap between her fingers. Impatient, Darren placed one large hand around the back of her head and pulled forwards.

Alisa started licking around the head, willingly lapping up the pre-cum this time. Her tongue teased his pee-slit, then slid around the crown. She was moaning with satisfaction by the time her tongue had made it to the base. She did show enthusiasm sucking these men off! She actually enjoyed it!

Alisa returned to the head and stretched her jaw wide. Her tongue twirled around the head as it entered her mouth. He continued forward and his cock entered her throat. Alisa jerked back as she found herself choking. She relaxed and tried again. This time she took a little in her throat. Something she probably couldn't have done without having just sucked off Marcus. Alisa took an inch and choked again. She kept trying, but could never take more then several inches down her throat. These huge cocks were making her tonsils sore. "I'm sorry, you're just too thick for me to do this properly. Can I just stroke you off?"

"No, I gotta better idea. Get up on the bed and lay on your back."

Alisa stood, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She had no idea what he intended, but she climbed on the bed anyway. She held her legs tightly shut to protect her purity, though every instinct screamed at her to spread them wide for this dominant male to take her.

Darren walked to the bathroom and looked in the bowl of toiletries. This room was one of the special ones in the motel reserved for E&I employees. Hidden webcams were aimed at the shower and bed covering them from several angles with various zooms. Over a hundred people were watching this live and over a thousand would download it later. Instead of the standard shampoo and conditioner, the toiletry bowl was stocked with k-y jelly, motion lotion, and other assorted oils. He grabbed a tube of k-y and returned to the bedroom.

Marcus was lying beside Alisa caressing her breasts and belly when Darren returned to the room. Amazingly, Marcus' cock was hard again. Darren climbed on the bed and straddled her legs. "What are you going to do?" she asked.

"I'm going to titty fuck you." Darren climbed on the bed and straddled her. A submissive thrill caused her to shiver with excitement as she looked up at his huge cock and muscular chest. Darren had a small bottle in his hand and he emptied it along the shaft of his cock. He started rubbing the lotion around the head. "Here, let me do that," said Alisa reaching up to grab his cock. She ran her hands along it, coating it completely with the lotion. In fact, she was reluctant to stop and started jerking him off.

Darren let her stroke him for awhile before shouting, "enough." He pulled her hands off his cock and bent them around so that they wiped against the insides of her breasts. "Pull my cock down and place it between your breasts."

Alisa grabbed the tip of Darren's cock and pulled down amazed at the amount of strength she had to put into it to move the big thing. She pulled it down to her chest and Darren squeezed her breasts together engulfing his cock. It was so big, the head reached her neck. If it had been Marcus, she probably could have taken the tip in her mouth.

Darren started thrusting his hips and Alisa watched fascinated as his big bulbous cock head slid down, disappearing between her breasts only to spring forward again. Darren increased the pace and was soon rapidly bucking his hips. She could feel his huge balls splayed out on her belly and wandered how much sperm they must hold.

"You squeeze them together bitch," he said and Alisa raised her hands up to squeeze her breasts together so that he could fuck them. Darren had wanted his hands free to play with her nipples. Alisa's arelolas were puffy and the size of half-dollars, but it was her nipples which fascinated men the most. They were fat, inch long minature cocks, almost always hard, and extremely sensitive. Darren squeezed both her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He pulled them roughly, stretching them out, but it felt good and Alisa started moaning.

Alisa's moans turned to crys of delight when Marcus inserted his finger back in her pussy. She tried desperately to raise her hips into Marcus' finger, but Darren's weight held her immobile. Her moans turned to ones of frustration.

Marcus rose up on his knees beside her and her hand automatically grabbed his cock without taking her eyes off Darren's cock. Darren's hand moved in where hers had been to keep her breasts squeezed tightly around his thrusting cock. Was it her imagination, or did it look bigger. Darren's torso glistened with sweat now and he was grunting rythmically. Alisa's legs were spread wide open now, trying to thrust up into Marcus' finger while her hand was still wrapped around his cock, stroking it.

Marcus pulled his finger out and suddenly jabbed two fingers deep into her pussy just as Darren thrust his cock forward and held it there. Alisa watched as the pee-slit opened. It wasn't a strand or a wad of cum, so much as it was a wave that fanned out from the tip. She screamed in orgasm just as his sperm splattered from her forehead to her neck. A lot got in her mouth and she bent her chin down opening her mouth wide to catch the second wave. She did, swallowing alot.

Darren wasn't happy with her just swallowing his sperm, he liked to baptise his sluts with it. He pulled back and jerked his third wad out onto her tits. His third wad was as much as Marcus' first.

Darren dismounted her body and kneeled on the otherside of her from Marcus. He blew another load on her belly and then moved up towards her face bending his cock down towards her lips. He jerked his cock off into her mouth and she sucked up the last of his sperm like a baby on a bottle.

Marcus was still fingering her and she felt another orgasm approaching just as he pulled his finger out. She let go of his cock and sat up, wanting his finger back, but too ashamed to ask for it.

Alisa climbed off the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. She was covered in sperm and turned the shower on. This was going to take awhile. She was still horny. Marcus' finger had brought her to the brink of orgasm just before he pulled out. Her own finger found its way between her legs several times before she got out of the shower, but she was to inexperienced to please herself. Alisa spent a long time cleaning up. Sperm seemed to become stringy when wet and was difficult to get it all off.

When she returned to the bed. The two black men were fast asleep on top the matress. They had stripped off the soiled covers and were sleeping on either end of the bed. Marcus cock was still hard and seemed to twitch every now and then. Amazingly, Darren's seemed to have hardened a little again too.

Alisa crawled between them in the right direction this time. She didn't want her face in their crotches again, she couldn't trust herslef anymore to keep her mouth off them. She faced Marcus, staring into his handsome face as he slept. He moved his arm up and placed his hand on her hip. She didn't object, in fact a shiver of excitement rose up her spine at his touch.

Marcus' hand remained there for several minutes, then it slowly caressed down her leg and around to her butt cheek. He squeezed her cheek and then pulled her tightly in his arms. Her body crushed up against him, her tits mashing into his chest. She had never felt this protected or meek in Toddy's arms. "Missed you baby," he murmered in his sleep.

Marcus' hand moved from her ass cheek to her thigh and lifted her leg up, pushing his cock in between them. "Marcus," she said softly, trying to wake him. He didn't budge and Alisa felt a shiver of pleasure as his hard shaft slid back and forth along her labia. "MARCUS," she said louder this time and shaking him, but he still didn't wake up.

Marcus groaned in his sleep. He had pulled his cock back so that the tip was dangerously close to entering her pussy. He rolled over on top of her, his weight forcing her legs to open wide. Alisa could feel his big cock-head forcing its way between her labia and entering her. She looked over at Darren. The other black man was wide awake and watching her. Marcus turned her head up to his and mashed his broad lips down against hers. She struggled for a second, but soon found her own tongue pushing into his mouth while the tip of his cock moved around in her pussy. It felt incredibly good to be in the arms of such a strong man. The fat cock-head moving around in her pussy felt too good to stop, in fact her legs were automatically opening wider to receive more of it.

"Gawd Damn, this is one tight pussy," growled Marcus. "You a virgin?"

"No," she moaned. "Though it feels like the first time." This was what sex was supposed to feel like. This was the reason she had given in and let Todd make love to her, only that had been unsatisfying. The was the kind of sex described in her cheesy romance novels, being possessed and dominated by a well-built man and the feelings were coming from a black stranger. With that realization, Alisa wrapped her legs around Marcus' ass and squeezed, trying to pull his cock in deeper.

Marcus took the hint and began bucking his hips, forcing more of his cock in with each thrust. Alisa's nails dug into his back as she came for the first time with less then half his cock inside her. Alisa began raising her hips to match his thrusts, growling and moaning as he fucked her. Marcus arched his back and looked down at her. Gone forever was the shy, overdressed, conservative young woman. She now looked like a wanton slut, comfortable with her body and sexuality. Alisa was fucking him back with all she had. "Beg me to fuck you," he growled.

"Fuck me Marcus. Gimme that big black cock. I love it. I love your cock. Fuck me."

Marcus sat up, kneeling and grabbed her legs under her knees. He held her legs spread wide as he pounded his prick in and out of her pussy. No woman had ever taken his entire fifteen inches, but Alisa took more then most, around thirteen. She thrashed around like a bitch in heat screaming and moaning as orgasm ater orgasm shook her body. Darren kneeled by her face pushing his cock down towards her lips. She was too overwhelmed to suck on it, but she slobbered all over the head with her tongue between orgasms.

Her tight pussy and her big nipples were driving Marcus crazy. This was the hottest bitch he had ever fucked. Her pussy was milking his cock. It felt so good, he wasn't even going to last a half hour. He thrust his cock, bellowing as the sperm emptied from his balls.

Alisa froze staring at his with disbelief as his sperm filed her pussy. Her belly was undulating, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she screamed as the biggest orgasm yet exploded from her pussy causing her to pass out.

Alisa woke up to a growing pain in her pussy. She opened her eyes to see Darren stuffing his thick cock in her pussy. "My god, you'll kill me with that thing."

"Just relax, you can take it." Darren pushed feeling her pussy lips spreading apart for him.

Alisa was amazed at her own bodies elasticity in accommodating him. Her labia opened wide for the huge cock-head and she moaned as the thick ridge scraped across her clit. There was another moments pain as the thick part under the head slid inside her. Darren kept pushing more in. Alisa could feel every ridge, bump, and vein on Darren's huge cock. If she hadn't already fucked Marcus, there would be no way she could take Darren's thick shaft. Now her pussy seemed to be stretching wide around Darren's cock, molding itself to his size. Alisa wondered if her pussy would ever return to normal. She was breathing like a woman giving birth as he buried his entire cock inside her. She knew it was just over a foot long, but it felt like he was shoving a baseball bat in her pussy.

Darren held his cock still until he felt her juices dripping down his balls, then he knew she was ready. "Get on all fours slut," he ordered pulling his cock out.

Alisa felt empty without his cock and she quickly rolled over and got up on all fours. Darren stood beside the bed, grabbed her hips, and pulled her to the edge of the bed, where he quickly reinserted his cock. He began pumping his hips so fast, his balls were stinging her thighs. Alisa had never fucked in this position and she found it primal. Darren was treating her like a slut using her solely for his pleasure and she loved it. Thats when the orgasms started coming again.

Marcus sat up on the bed and kneeled before her. His cock was soft and dangled like a thick black banana, swinging before her face. Alisa kissed it and took the head in her mouth. It quickly hardened again as big and firm as it had the first time she had touched it. Darren's thrusts pushed her into Marcus' cock and soon she was deep throating him.

They fucked and sucked like this for a long time before she felt a stab of pain in her pussy again. Darren's cock was swelling as he approached orgasm. With one final thrust he buried it, holding it still as the first wave of sperm assaulted her womb. Alisa choked on Marcus's cock as she had her most powerful orgasm yet.

Luckily, it was nowhere near her time or the continous waves of sperm bombarding her womb would surely have gotten her pregnant. Darren's cock acted like a cork keeping her uterus full of sperm. Alisa would need their cocks again and knew the future held black babies for her unless she went on birth control. There was no way she would ever make them wear a condom. Her slut nature had been awakened and she needed to feel their cum squirting into her pussy. Strangely, the thought of carrying a black baby didn't disgust her like it should.

Darren pulled his cock out and his sperm flowed into the vacuum, pouring out of her pussy. He shot a last wad on her back and smacked his cock across her ass. It was still hard! "I want you to ride me," he said. Marcus pulled his cock out of her mouth and grinned as he got off the bed. His long cock glistened with her saliva as he took it out of her mouth's reach.

Darren pushed her out of the way and laid down on the bed. He held is cock up for her. Alisa felt whole again as she lowered herself down his shaft. She tried to ride him, but was too weak. Strangely, he didn't seem in much of a hurry. Darren pulled her forward so that her nipples and breasts mashed into his chest. His big hands grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. She quickly realized why Marcus hadn't been upset when the blow job ended prematurely. He was getting ready to fuck her ass.

Her saliva wasn't good enough, so Marcus had grabbed some motion lotion from the bathroom. He nearly emptied the bottle on his shaft and squirted the rest on the cute little rosebud Darren was holding open for him. He pushed down watching her ass slowly yield and open for his cock. Alisa groaned and tried to crawl up Darren's body to escape the anal pain. Marcus kept right on pushing and Darren took the opportunity to suck on her nipples until she gave in. Marcus forced about ten inches inside and held it still until her ass relaxed and he began pumping.

Alisa couldn't believe how stuffed she felt sandwiched between the two men. Darren began bucking his hips under her when Marcus started moving. Her ass grew warm from the friction and she thought Marcus might have cum, but it kept heating up. The two black men took turns alternately pumping and then slamming both their cocks in her at once. The combined stimulation and the heat in her ass had her cumming again. These men were so skilled, she thought they might have done this before, but what were the odds?

They fucked for a long time, but eventually both men came within seconds of each other triggering her to have her own mind blowing orgasm. As both her pussy and ass filled with sperm, Alisa had an epiphany. She realized she was their slave, both her mind and her body belonged to them. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do to please them. She serviced them all night until around dawn when Darren decided there was still one place he hadn't marked with his cum...her ass.

Alisa crammed the corner of the pillow in her mouth to keep from screaming. Darren had forced the head of his cock in her already overstretched ass hole. He hadn't been able to get the whole thing in, it was just too thick. "Here slut, you make it cum in your ass," said Darren grabbing her hand and forcing it behind her back.

Alisa grabbed it and began stroking his shaft. It was difficult and she had to switch arms several times, but eventually it began to swell. "Jesus Darren, you're ripping me in two." His cock-head had grown even bigger as he approached orgasm. Alisa could feel the pee-slit opening as he came. Her ass was quickly filling with his hot seed as she passed out from sheer exhaustion.


Alisa woke up splayed out in the middle of the bed. Her head hurt, her pussy hurt, her ass hurt, and her jaw was sore, but she felt liberated, reborn. She sat up, but Marcus and Darren were gone as were their clothes. She peeked out the window. Their car was gone too. They had abandoned her.

Alisa picked up the phone and tried Debbie's cell phone. Debbie answered sounding groggy and as tired as Alisa felt. Her friend said, she'd pick Alisa up in an hour after Alisa figured out where she was. Thats when Alisa glanced at the clock and saw it was after two in the afternoon. She had important errands to run for the wedding and she was still two hours drive from home. Her entire day was shot.

Alisa got up and took a long shower. She walked back into the room and found her clothes were in tatters. Her blouse was ripped, her underwear had been cut off her body, only her skirt was intact.

Right on time, she heard a car honk outside and leaned out the door with a towel wrapped around her to get Deb's attention. "My clothes are ruined, can I wear something of yours?"

Deb nodded. Soon she was walking into the motel room. "This is all I have and I know you won't wear it."

Alisa looked at the tight cut off shorts and halter. "It'll do."

Deb watched amazed as Alisa dropped the towel revealing her body for the first time. Debbie felt a twinge of jealousy as she saw the flawless, voluptous, perfection of her friend's body. Jealousy wasn't the only thing she felt. Lamar had gotten her to eat Sherie's pussy last night and she felt an urge to go down on Alisa too. Alisa was simply gorgeous. Deb hadn't even seen her with her hair down before and her wet hair clung to Alisa's face and shoulders giving her a wanton, sexual look.

Debbie reached out and lifted a strand of Alisa's hair. It was wadded with dried sperm. "They got you too, huh?"

"Yes." Alisa was now dressed and didn't seem the least bit embarassed by the outfit. Her boobs were even bigger then Debs and stretched out the thin halter. Her nipples were clearly visible and poking the material out an inch. The halter exposed Alisa's long sex belly and the shorts were so small on her they stopped just under her ass cheeks. Not only was Alisa, Deb's friend, but she was now also a rival.

The two women left the motel room only to be greeted by the old black clerk. He was wearing a robe even this late in the afternoon. "What about the bill?" he said.

"I thought my companions paid," said Alisa.

"Nope, and you're checking out so late, you owe me for two nights. Follow me to my office."

"Meet me at the lobby," Alisa sighed to her friend.

The clerk had watched Alisa all night on the internet and when he saw the whole car load of sexy bitches, he knew he'd be searching the E&I website for their debut videos too.

Alisa was a little miffed that Marcus and Darren had stuck her with the bill. Even more pissed when she realized she didn't have enough money. It was her batchelorette party and her friends were supposed to cover everything.

"If you dont want to pay, you can suck on this." The clerk opened his robe revealing a pathetic five inch penis, smaller then her fiance's. She fell to her knees automatically, but laughed as she held it.

"Laugh all you want bitch, my times coming."

Alisa took him in her mouth having know idea what he was talking about. Odd, Marcus and Darren had said all blacks were hung. Maybe cocks shrank as they got older? Maybe they had lied? Anyway, getting the old guy off was a breeze. She found it unrewarding and realized the rest of her life would be spent with one this small, but she did love Todd.

The clerk watched her suck him, the skillful slut sucking the sperm right out of his balls within five minutes. He was in line to be enhanced soon. Someday, it woud be a nice, nine inch cock the white sluts would be sucking on. He couldn't wait. He could even star in his own videos.

"What took you so long?" asked Deb as Alisa returned to the car.

"I had trouble paying the bill."

Alisa got in the backseat beside Kerry who had her skirt up, legs spread and was diddling her clit. "She has been like this since we left the club," said Sherie. Alisa could see Kerry's stretched pussy and her thighs were red and raw.

"I can't help it," said Kerry, the former bigot. "I want more black cock."

"I'm going to want more too," said Alisa, the others looking at her in surprise. "I say we make this a weekly thing. Say, every Friday, we have girls night out trips to the zebra club.

The others agreed. "Here's to girls night out."

"To girls night out." they all shouted.

"But, what about next Friday?" asked Debbie. "You'll be on your honeymoon."

"Go without me. I can wait." Alisa didn't want her friends to know just how big a slut she had become. Her honeymoon was in the Bahamas, there's plenty of black cock there. Alisa thought of the clerk, it was obvious all black men weren't well hung. She'd just have to keep trying until she found one to satisfy her.

"I don't think I can wait till Friday," said Kerry, still rubbing her clit. "I need it now."

The End

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