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Lessons From the Neighbor
by Stormbringer All Rights Reserved

Chapter 4: The Final Lesson

Megan was a wreck as she saw her husband off to work, several days after Jamal had taught her about anal sex. She had played with the doctor's little prick the previous two nights and he hadn't been able to get an erection. Megan had gotten used to constantly yearning for a cock in her pussy, but she wasn't used to needing a cock in her ass. She desperately wanted to get butt-fucked again. Finally, last night, Harold had gotten a partial erection. She had told him to put it in her ass and he had given her a look of such disgust, that he had made her feel ashamed of herself. With one beat of his heart, his erection had shrunk and he turned his back to her, to go to sleep. He had still seemed upset with her as he left for work this morning.

Jamal had lied to her. Something had been gnawing at her brain since the second lesson he had given her. Now it was odvious, He had lied about her sex life improving or... he didn't no the truth himself. Harold, and the white men in the videos with their small penises, they could never truly satisfy a woman. Only big cocks, black cocks, could give a woman what she needs. Megan was doomed never to be satisfied during intercourse.

Jamal had scared her the last couple times they had been together. The first time, he had roughly grabbed her head and fucked her face like she was just an object designed to make him cum. Last time, he had slammed his entire cock into her ass, telling her that it was her purpose to serve men and calling her a slut. He had spanked her cheeks and she had told him how much she loved having his cock in her ass. Megan had felt completely used and humiliated by his treatment of her. Worse then that, she wanted him to do it again.

Megan decided at that moment, that if Jamal didn't butt fuck her again, she'd go insane. She ran upstairs and took a quick shower. After drying her hair, she put some make-up on and grabbed her bath robe. She put the robe on over her nude body and walked out the back door.

Jamal answered his door after several knocks. He didn't look the least bit surprised to see her and he stepped aside so that she could come in.

"So Megan," he said, sitting down on the couch. "What can I do for you?"

Megan let the robe fall to the floor and said, "I want you to fuck my ass again."

"But, I've already taught you how to do that," he replied.

"The doctor won't do it. I NEED you to shove your big cock in my ass again."

"Get on your hands and knees."

Megan flushed with excitement and dropped to her hands and knees, turning around so that her cute little ass was pointed at him.

"Not yet," he said. "First, I want you to crawl over to me and beg me to fuck your ass like the slut you are. Then, I want you to suck my cock until I tell you I've had enough."

Megan felt humiliated, but her body was automatically responding to his commands. She felt the moistness between her legs as she crawled over towards him, but then she was always wet around Jamal.

"Please Jamal, fuck my ass," she begged. "I need you to fuck my ass again. I need your big black cock inside me."

"Why?" he asked.

"Becase I loved it," she said, crying now, "and because my husband won't do it."

Jamal looked down at Megan. She was between his legs now and unbuttoning his pants. "Your husband's a loser," he said as she began pulling his trousers off. "He'll never satisfy you with that little worm of his. He doesn't even know how to kiss a woman."

Megan nodded, it was all true. She yanked down his briefs, unconciously licking her lips as his big cock came into view. She watched it grow a little more with each beat of his pulse, before taking it once again into her mouth.

Jamal grabbed her blonde hair and held it off her face so that he could watch her suck him off. It felt great having a well-built woman kneeling before him, while swallowing his black monster into her pretty white face. He let her suck him for about twenty minutes before telling her to turn around.

Megan eagerly complied and quickly spun around. She felt him kneel behind her and then his cock's plump head was nudging at her back door. "Oooww," she jumped when he pushed the head in.

Jamal yanked it out and ran to the bathroom to get more lubrication. Her saliva wasn't enough and he grabbed a bottle of skin cream out of the medicine cabinet. He was already rubbing it into his cock when he returned to her. He made sure it was completely covered and then rubbed some into her ass. His cock went in a lot easier this time.


Several months later.

The doctor had actually taken a vacation. She hadn't had Jamal's cock in her ass for six days and she was going crazy. The past few months had been wonderful. Two or three times a week, she would go next door and suck Jamal off or let him fuck her ass. Several times, Jamal even fucked her ass right after cummng once already in her mouth. The man was incredible. The only good thing about Harold's vacation was that he was hornier then usual and they had slept together twice in the last week. She didn't have an orgasm either time. Come to think of it, she had never had an orgasm with the doctor. Jamal alway made sure she came several times whenever he was with her.

Megan had been trying to tan, but the lawn boy was sick and Harold had decided to mow the lawn himself, disturbing her. His weak little legs struggling to push the mower annoyed her and moping she walked back inside the house. Seconds later, the doorbell rang.

Megan opened it and was surprised to see Jamal standing there wearing only his bathing suit. "Jamal, what are you doing here?"

The big black man pushed his way inside and pulled Megan into the living room. "Hurry Megan," he said, dropping his suit. "Bend over."

"B-but the doctor?"

"Bend over the couch and watch him through the back door."

Megan nodded enthusiasticly and quickly stripped off her bikini. She bent over the couch and watched Harold struggling with the mower, through the large sliding glass door of their house, while Jamal stroked his cock.. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation of the butt fucking she was about to get.

Jamal rubbed his cock between her cheeks, causing it to grow to full erection. He looked at the quarter-sized hole that had once been her virgin ass-hole and positioned the tip of his cock on it. He pushed down, watching her ass stretching to accomodate him and feeling his dry cock scrape along the sides.

"Owww," she screamed, jumping at the friction. "Jamal, you didn't lubricate it."

"Shit! I forgot it."

"What are we going to do?" she cried frantically. "Harold isn't going to be much longer. We need to hurry."

Jamal sneered down at the stupid white slut's ass arched up to receive him. "I know," he said, "let me put it in your pussy. That will make it good and wet."

"Good idea," said Megan without thinking. "Just hurry." She couldn't wait to have Jamal's cock nice and wet, so he could shove it in her ass.

Jamal couldn't believe it was finally about to happen. He had wanted to fuck a white girl his entire life and now he was about to fuck just about the hottest white slut he had ever seen.

He pushed down on his steel hard rod and placed the head on the entrance to her vagina. He slowly pushed it in, seeing her pussy open up to swallow his cock, her muscles clenching around it, trying to suck him in. They both moaned in pleasure as he pushed about four inches into her hot, wet hole.

Megan's eyes flew open as soon as the head penetrated her. She hadn't imagined sex could feel this good. Jamal had quickly pushed his cock in as deep as Harold had ever been, but the thick, black cock in her pussy felt so much better then her husband's limp little noodle ever could. The pleasure was so good, that it brought her to her senses, and she realized she was about to sin. Megan could feel an orgasm growing and if she didn't stop Jamal now she would experience her first orgasm during intercourse, from a cock that wasn't her husbands.

"Jamal, please take it out," she begged.

"Tell me you don't love having this cock in your pussy."

Megan shook her head in denial of how good it felt. "No, I love it, she sobbed in frustration, "but We're cheating."

"Oh god Megan, you're right," he said pulling it out.

Megan felt his cock slowly sliding out of her pussy. The pleasure center of her brain was screaming at her to put it back in. She felt the fat head of his cock starting to stretch out her lips, but instead of pulling it out, he buried about half his cock back in. Her pussy squeeezed down on the thick six inches inside, trying to hold it in, and before Megan could protest again, the orgasm exploded from her body, causing her to cry out with joy.

"Harold, I'm so sorry," she sobbed once she had recovered.

"Fuck the doctor," Jamal said working another inch in. "White men don't know nothing about pussy. Only a black cock can give you what you really need. Your pussy belongs to me now."

He was right. The movies had shown her how different white and black men were during sex. The women had all tried to fight it, but it hadn't been any use and they had submitted to the black men. Just like she was now.

"Oh fuck me," she moaned. "Fuck me with that big black cock. Your so much bigger then my husband."

Megan couldn't believe how good it felt to have a real cock in her pussy. The joy she felt from feeling Jamal's cock spasming inside her mouth as he came or pumping her ass full of semen, was nothing compared to having him inside her pussy. He had worked about ten inches inside and her orgasms were cumming like a series of firecrackers.

His white slut was fucking him back, raisng her hips to match his thrusts and Jamal decided she was ready to earn her last A. He grabbed her hips and pulled his cock out of her until the head was poised at her opening, before slamming one hard, foot long, black cock into her pussy. She screamed and bucked for about 30 seconds, but he just held on until she calmed down and started fucking him back again.

Jamal looked out the window and figured he only had about twenty minutes until the doctor finished mowing the yard. He worked his thumb into her ass-hole and began fucking her hard and fast, hearing the slapping sounds of his balls on her thighs.

"Your tight pussy gets an A+, slut," he said.

After awhile, Megan could feel his cock getting bigger. "My pussy belongs to you now," she moaned. "I only want your cock from now on."

The sperm was moving up from his balls fast and he bellowed as his cock begin to jerk inside her pussy, filling it with his cum.

Megans eyes rolled up in the back of her head and she wailed loudly as her biggest orgasm yet exploded within her, when she felt his sperm hosing the back of her pussy. Her scream was so loud that Harold had stopped the mower and was looking around. She saw him shut it off and he began walking towards the house.

Jamal had seen him too. He pulled his cock out and quickly put on his bathing suit. He said, "Straight A's, baby," as he playfully smacked her ass, before running out the front door.

Megan could barely move. She was frozen to the couch, with her ass thrust up over the side, but the doctor was getting closer, so she limped bow-legged towards the bathroom while cupping her hands under her pussy to keep Jamal's sperm from pouring out and staining the carpet.

Once safely in the bathroom she began to clean herself up. I'm gonna need more of that by the end of the week, she thought. "Fuck that," she said out-loud. "I'm going back tomorrow."

The woman in the video was right. Black cocks are the best.

Megan had graduated.

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