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Mothers Awakening

I'am a blond women of 48 years of age married to a loving white husband for almost 30 years. I've managed to keep myself in shape, and have been told I look much younger than I'am. My husband on the other hand has lost most of his hair, and has let his weight problem go for a long time. Though were still married, we sleep in seperate rooms.My story started when our 20 year old daughter brought her 23 year old boyfriend home. He was a tall black man about 6"5 and weighed about 230 lbs. He was very polite but my husband was very remote and pretty much ignored him. My husband later told me that he was never again to come into our home and demanded that I talk with our daughter (Lisa) After speaking with her, I thought it best that she never bring him home when her father was there, and this worked out fine for a while. Once a month my husband goes out of town for the weekend to take care of his company bussiness, and one friday, after getting him packed off, I began preparing dinner for myself and my daughter when the phone rang and my mother-in-law said said that she had sprained her ankle, and asked if Lisa could stay with her a few days untill she felt better. Well, after getting my daughter packed up and off to her GrandMothers, I again started to prepare dinner when the doorbell rang. It was Jim, whom my daughter had forgotten to phone and tell she wouldnt be able to keep their date. After explaining what had happened and feeling sorry that he drove over here for nothing, I invited him in and asked if he would like to stay for dinner. He told me he would love too, and we sat down and I got to know who my daughter was dating. I have to admit that he was very charming and was truly enjoying his company. As we finished dinner, I took our plates into the kitchen and placed them in the sink, as I turned around, Jim was standind behind me and wraped his long arms around me and gave me a kiss that stymied me, not knowing what to say I stood there with my mouth open, he then lipped locked me again and this time when our lips parted he began telling me how beautifull I was and that he only wanted a chance to be my lover, at first I said no, but after our lips parted a third time I had all kinds of feelings running through my body. He then picked me up and carried me into my bed-room. With-in seconds he took my clothing off and then began to un-dress. This young black man had more muscle on his chest than I had ever seen before, I then placed my hands over his chest and began kissing his nipples, he then dropped his pants and I couldn't believe what he had between his legs. This young man was 14" long and so wide around that I couldn't wrap my hand around it. I told him I couldnt take that but he assured me I'd learn. He put the huge head of his cock into my pussy and I came almost immediately, we then sat back for a few minutes as he again started arousing me. This time I tried to take his dick into my mouth but could only get in a few inches, he then threw me back on the bed and I knew then that this young man was taking control of me. He brought me to 3 of the best orgasms I ever had in my life, and we spent the rest of the weekend fucking and sucking like never before. By the time this was all over this young man had me promising him I'd never make love to my husband again and that soon he was going to impregnate me and my daughter. That was a year and a half ago, since then my husband has left and my daughter have both given birth...Thanks for listening.

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