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"Carrie 2" All Rights Reserved

The passenger side door was ripped opened immediately after being unlocked. Carrie was dragged out of the car by two of the gangmembers, as if they were starving animals that hadn't eaten for days. Carrie was struggling and yelling "NOOOOO!"......."PLEEEEEEAAAASE!" She was trying frantcally to hold on to the passenger seat with her feet. In the struggle, her pumps fell off, and all that was left on her feet were her ankle high lace socks. Each of the two gangmembers had an arm as they dragged her from the car.

As soon as her legs were free from the car, two other gangmembers each grabbed a leg, making it impossible for her white satin laced panties not to be exposed. One of the gangmembers, a large man of about 6'4" named Tyrone was the only black man to not have an arm or leg to hold.

He was satnding behind the two blacks that each had a leg, so as soon as Carrie's feet were lifted off the ground, he had a straight up shot of her satin laced panties, and said "Got Damn", "I aint never had me no white pussy, but it look like my luck gonna be changiiiiinnnn' toooonite".

One of the other blacks, who was at least 6'5" and seemed to be the leader of the gang, who they called"Meat", and Carrie would find out later why, said, "Afta me mutha fucka,..........but not here"! "Let's load da pussy in da van"!

It was cold outside, and Carrie's nipples were showing through her white silk button- down blouse as they hurried her to the van. She was now cryin' and whimperin', and her sik mini-skirt, in all the commotion, was now hiked up just above her panties. Two of the lower buttons on her silk blouse had been torn in the struggle, so the bottom portion of her white satin lace bra was exposed, showing the curve of her breast caressed by the satin and lace. The blacks were like a pack of wolves, about to devour their prey! During the struggle, Carrie got glimpses of each one of them viewing her panties, at their own opportune time during the struggle which caused her firmly fitting white satin laced panties to shift from side to side as she wiggled in the hands of her abductors, causing her panties to almost completely expose her vagina as they were carrying her from the car to the van.

She panted and eeked out little female sounds of fear and struggle that excited her abductors. There would be no mercy tonight, despite Carrie's pleas. She was horrified at the thought of what was going to happen to her. She feared for her life! She knew, witout a doubt, her vagina was going to be penetrated by these five black gangmembers, and there was nothing she could do about it. Her small body was now theirs. Many thoughts were going through her mind, being that the human being thinks at roughly one-thousand words per minute, she remembers hearing about how hung black men are, and how much trouble her boyfriend had penetrating her vagina with his 5 1/2" penis when she was dry, 'til her moisture started flowing.

Where will I go when they're done with me? Will I have clothing, or will they drop me off somewhere without my clothing for further humiliation? Are they gonna kill me? What are they gonna do with me??????

As they were putting Carrie in the van, one of the gangmembers ran back to the car and grabbed her purse and pumps. Meat told Iggy, one of the other gangmembers, to grab the chain out of the spare tire area, where there was no spare tire. After loading Carrie into the van, Meat jumped in the drivers seat and pulled the van around the front of the broken down vehicle Carrie had been in. Meat ordered smoker, another one of the gangmembers, to hook up the chain, connecting the car to the van. After that was completed, the rest of the blacks jumped in the van, except smoker, who was going to steer the car. Meat pulled ahead slowly to straighten out the chain between the two vehicles before driving away with their little white girl and her vehicle.

They were about forty five minutes away from their hangout, which was a crackhouse. The rap music was pounding once again in the van, as it had been when they first pulled up to Carrie's vehicle. They were passing around a joint and drinking beer, talkin' their shit about how they ain't never fucked no white bitch before. They had Carrie lying on her back on an old blanket, with her arms stretched above her head and Bone holding her by the hands to ensure they remained extended.

Iggy had her by the feet, and from his vantage point, he could see straight up her silk mini skirt, to her white satin laced panties, which showed a well defined line of her vagina lips pressing through the satin laced panties as if her vagina was trying to escape. They were makin' Carrie take hits off the joint, which normally for her, isn't a problem if she's with a couple of close friends or by herself because everytime she smokes pot, she gets real paranoid, and she hates that feeling. She really doesn't smoke it that often anyway. She was thinkin' to herself,........"I definitely don't need this right now"! As she layed there held down by Bone and Iggy, she started feeling stoned almost immediately, and she could tell that this was potent marajuana.

Feeling her heartbeat was intensifying because of the marajuana, she could feel everything more intensly now,... the hands that were holding her feet and hands, were strong, and she could feel their stregnth through their grip. She felt a breeze going up her silk skirt, that barely covered her white satin laced panties. Her mind really started flashing on a variety of thoughts that were inconsistent with each other.........."Where are they taking me?..."Where's my boyfriend"? "Why didn't I learn to tie my shoes earlier than the age of six?" "Where will I be in five years"? "Why didn't I wear pants with my button down blouse tonight"? "I hope they don't look in my purse at my driver's license because they'll find out where I live"!

She felt a hand move up her leg to about her knee when she gasped, AAAAHHHH.....Meat looked in the rear view mirror and said "Don't be puttin' anything in that pussy mutha fucka! They all laughed, even though they all knew he was serious. By sayin' that, they felt it gave them some latitude to do what they wanted to do with Carrie, except penetrate her vagina. The hands off order earlier by Meat, now seemed to have certain freedoms, and the other blacks turned there attention from the joints and the beer, Carrie. Even the black sitting up front with Meat, named Jammer, jumped into the back.

Carrie was now surrounded by four big black men and loud rap music that pounded deep bass into the center of her restrained body, as the van moved down the road taking her farther from safety. Her body was bouncing up and down as the van hit bumps in the road,....sways from left to right slightly as the van turns corners, increasingly getting farther and farther away from where her boyfriend thinks she still is. Jammer positioned himself along with Iggy at Carrie's feet because Bone had her hands, and Tyrone was on her left, and there seemed to be more room down by Iggy. The black gangmembers were now in position for a full-fledged asssault on this little white girl.

Jammer noticed as soon as he took his spot at her feet, he could see right up her silk skirt to her white satin laced panties. He could see the well defined lines of her vagina lips pressing through her satin laced panties,just as iggy had moments earlier. She was feeling extremely intense feelings from the marajuana, thinking to hereself.............."this must have opium in it"........"I don't think I've ever been this stoned"........ Suddenly,... Tyrone rips here silk blouse open, aggresively enough to make her body move from side to side a good six inches in both directions, as she thinks to herself,.........Oh my God!,'s starting!

The other black gangmembers start getttin' into it, yelling,....fuck yeah!, tear it apart mutha fucka!,rip da clothes off this white bitch!!! Her heart started racing wildly, and she started wiggling, saying, NOOOOO! PLEEEAAASE!!!! Jammer leaned forward from her feet to her mid-section on all fours with a hand on the floor of the van firmly on each side of her small waist to keep her from wiggling left to right.

Tyrone pulled his knife out and started ripping her silk blouse off of her body. She was crying, but stopped wiggling because to this point, she hadn't seen a weapon, and she didn't want to get cut while he was ripping away her silk blouse. As she heard her blouse being ripped away, she knew her other clothing stood no chance either. He ripped through her blouse with ease and tore it out from underneath her. He handed the knife to Jammer, who was in a straight up position from her feet on all fours. She was crying and begging,...."PLEEEEAAAASE"!,.."STOOOPPP"!

Jammer took the knife with his right hand and moved it up towards her white satin laced bra. Rip that mutha fucka off!!!!, Tyrone yelled!! Tyrone aggressively lifted up her white satin lace bra from the center between her breast pulling her up off the floor of the van about six inches, Jammer immediately places the knife under the satin bra, and with one swift motion, ripped open the satin bra causing Carrie to fall back to her original position. This drives the black men wild and they yell in approval, including Meat, as Jammer continues to rip at her satin bra. In no time, it is shredded and tossed out of the window of the van with her satin blouse as they drive down the road.

Her breast are no longer protected by her satin laced bra and the gangmembers grow increasingly hungry for this small white girl! She fears,... "Oh my God!, their either going to kill me, or let me go naked when they're finished with me". Her beautiful C cup breasts with soft pink nipples are now theirs. Right away, Carrie feels all of their hands grabbing at her firm, soft pink nippled breasts. She is helpless........They now take turns sucking her breasts while they continue to fondle her.......Meat yells, "I wanna see da pussy, mutha fuckas"!!!!!!

As Carrie's hands and feet continue to be held firmly, Jammer gives the knife back to Tyrone, then he aggressively lifts up her silk mini-skirt from her stomach raising her a least a foot off the floor of the van, as Carrie winces and wiggles, which causes her skirt to hike up well above her white satin laced panties, Tyrone places the knife under the waistline of the small white girls silk skirt, and rips it off while yelling, "Come on pussy!,....I know you in theh!!!!! Iggy, with his free hand, ripped away the silk mini-skirt from Carrie's body as Tyrone cuts it with his knife. The rap music is on and provides a rythym for them to rip this poor white girls clothing from her body and prepare her for their huge cocks!

All the black men were salivating at how awesome this beautiful small white girl was just laying there about to be ravaged They could not wait to slide their large cocks into her small hole. She now layed there being held with just her satin laced panties and ankle high laced stockings on, feeling, because of the marajuana, the intensity of her near nakedness, that would soon change, and the lifting up of her satin laced panties off of her skin by about four inches by Tyrone, taking a peek down inside at her vagina and sayin' "I can't wait ta bounce dis bitch".

Jammer, in an instant, changed positions from Carrie's feet to her right side, opposite of Tyrone. Without a word of communication to each other, Tyrone and Jammer, from their respective positions, and without a knife, started violently tearing her white satin laced panties from her body, ripping them to shreds as if they were lions tearing the meat from a caribou's body, her body swaying violently left to right, and exposing her freshly shaved vagina as the satin laced panties crossed back and forth over her vagina as the two men continued ripping at her satin laced panties until they finally ripped from Tyrone's side at her hip Jammer then took the waistline of her satin panties nearest to him and ripped them apart, freeing up any connection of the panties from her body. Iggy then spread her legs, and Tyrone ripped the torn panties from underneath her.

Jammer grabbed some cushions that Meat always had in the van and Tyrone grabbed both sides of Carrie's hips and lifted her up about a foot and a half so Jammer could slide the cushions underneath her ass. She felt so exposed because now, her vagina was a foot higher in the air than her head, and Iggy had her legs spread wide open. Her vagina was perfectly shaved and had beautiful lips. Her meat was tender and young looking.

As difficult as it was for the black men to not penetrate her, they knew they soon would, however they still got to enjoy the company of this small white girl with nothin' on but her ankle high lace socks. They continued playing with her breasts and rubbing in the area of her vagina, and inner thigh. The whole idea was to try and get her to feel stimulated somehow so she would moisten up and take their big dicks with less pain when they got her to their crib.

Carrie awaited her impending penetration by these men, and the odd thing was that she was actually feeling her body starting to lubricate inside her vagina. The vulnerabilty of being completely naked with her legs spread wide open in front of these strange men, brought on some natural animal instincs of being dominated, that somehow turned her on a little, although there was still fear of the unknown. All four of the black men kept repositioning themselves so they could each enjoy having their straight on shot of her vagina with her legs spread. They continued rubbing closely in the area of her vagina and inner thigh, occassionally running their fingers accross the top of her vagina with no seeming intention to stop on it. It was a strange feeling for her,....being frightened and feeling stimulated at the same time. She was still influenced however, by the intensity of the marajuana they had made her smoke.

It was so odd for her to be in this position where her vagina is thrust up in the air with all these angry black men checkin' her out as if she was their little slave girl. Her pink nipples were now as hard as rocks,.....and Tyrone noticed a tiny trickle of fluid coming from Carrie's vagina, and said, "Check it out"!, "look at da bitches pussy"!......."She can't wait to get fucked"! "All you white bitches want da black dick"! "an you gonna get it ,baby",......ooohhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! "I'm gonna show you how deep you can take a cock, mutha fucka"! "I can't wait to make you scream"!....."I'm just gonna fuck you harda"! "Then I'm gonna pull it out, and stick it in yo ass, bitch"!

Carrie froze at the thought of having a penis in her ass,....especially, a large one! She was just settling in and talking herself into taking all of them into her vagina. Now, she has a whole new problem. Even tho she has this fear of being anally penetrated, she has to psych herself up just to survive the ordeal. It will not be easy........she knows her body will never be the same again after they finish with her.............little does she know the full extent of what is about to happen to her.....

-end part 2-

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