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A Tale Of Two Lifeguards
An E&I Beach Story
2003 by Stormbringer

Stella slowed to a steady jog, controlling her breathing as the sandy beach passed by under her bare feet. She was closing on one of the black men. There were nine black men this year which was strange as no blacks had ever tried out for lifeguard positions in Stony Harbor before and this was Stella's third year. Even stranger, all nine back men were muscular giants, more boxers or linebackers then the tall, lean basketball player build so many black men possessed. They shouldn't have been this fast with all that muscle mass, but most didn't even seem to be straining.

"Nice day for a run," said the black man she was closing on. "Name's Booker."

"Stella." The man wasn't even panting and they were closing on three miles out.

"You're returning right? I'd sure like someone to show me around town tonight."

"Sorry, have plans," said Stella slowly, still controlling her breathing.

Booker didn't reply to her rejection. He just slowed down and Stella sped past him. She glanced behind her. Donna was chugging along far behind, but not the last. Booker slowed till Donna caught up with him and Stella got the impression the black man was asking Donna the same thing he had just asked her. Such arrogance!

Donna was clearly the hotter of the two female lifeguards. She wasn't necessarily prettier then Stella, but she was a lot more feminime. Long straight blonde hair, large breasts and sexy hips. Donna taught areobics during the winter and kept in great shape. Stella was attractive, but more athletically minded. She was blonde too, but kept it short and wavy. She was lean and wiry with smaller, perky breasts and strong runner's legs.

The thirtyfive aspiring lifeguards reached the outlying area of Stony Harbor where the huge beach houses stood. Stella glanced over at them and saw a lone black man standing on the upper deck on one of the beach houses with a telescope beside him. That's when the nine black runners cut loose. Booker quickly passed Stella again without looking at her and soon nine black men were leading the pack far ahead of 24 white men and two women. Stella watched them pass her heading back towards town. She was amazed at their stamina. She reached the turning point with some other runners and followed the blacks back. This wasn't over yet.

Coach Morrison was waiting at the five mile point. He seemed surprised to see all the blacks leading the way. He blew his whistle and pointed towards the water.

This was the hard part and the town paramedic waited on the beach as well as a man in a wet suit out by the last buoy. Stella braced herself and hit the cold water. It was Easter break, April, the water was freezing. It was cold in June, July even, but now it was life sapping. The water covered her breasts and took her breath away. Steady, she thought, just kick and paddle, arm over arm, reach the last buoy and you're home clear.

If this was a battle of the races, it evened out in the water. Stella passed a black man, then another. Several white men caught up with the lead black men, then fell back. They rounded the bouy and headed back for the beach, pulling themselves out of the water and the towels Coach Morrison had waiting. Three of the black men beat all the rest and the Coach looked impressed. He worked people hard and respected strength. Even the black men looked tired now.

Stella fell on her ass in the sand and shivered under the towel. She counted those sitting on the beach and those coming out of the water. "Yes!" she said as Donna hit the beach.

"D-id, I m-make it?" asked Donna collapsing on the beach.

"Number twenty."

"Great," wheezed Donna. "It gets harder every year."

Stella patted her friend on the leg and watched the stragglers. The last fifteen would be cut and only one was black. Donna was surprised to see many vets had been beat this year. Some she liked and would miss, but the name of the game was saving lives.

"Gawd damn," cried the slow black when the Coach told him he was cut. "Fuck!"

Coach waited until those cut had headed for the headquarters for showers before calling the names of those sitting around him on the beach. Amazing, but half the blacks had already recovered from the ordeal and were standing. "Stony Harbor hasn't had a drowning death in six years," yelled the Coach. "I leave that record in your hands, the 2001 lifeguard squad of Stony Harbor. Congratulations." The Coach paused while some of the squad applauded and the blacks high fived each other. That made a squad of ten white men, two women, and eight black men. "Donna, Stella, go hit the showers first and welcome back."

"Thanks coach," said Stella wrapping the towel around her neck and heading to the lifeguard headquarters on the boardwalk.

After showering, Stella and Donna sat and talked to the Coach in his office while the men showered. The white men came out first. All seemed subdued or stunned. Some were wide eyed, staring off into space, others looked a little scared.

"Hey Fred," called Donna to a returning guard. "What's up?"

Fred shook his head from his stupor. "Not much, how's it going Donna, Stella." Fred hugged Donna and nodded at Stella. Fred was a good looking, muscular guy and had dated Donna briefly. They hadn't really been compatible, but Donna had said the sex was good. Even hugging a big breasted babe like Donna, Stella could see Fred was still distracted about something. She wanted to ask him about it, but then the blacks came out of the locker room dressed and joking around with each other.

The Coach stood up from his desk. "Thanks for coming team. I'll see you all in May, call me in a couple weeks for your schedules."

Booker stopped by Donna and Stella. "Me and the brothers are hitting happy hour. You two want to come?"

"No thanks," said Stella. "We're gonna have a quiet dinner to catch up then were both heading home tonight, back to the real world tomorrow."

"Well see ya next month," Booker winked at them and joined the gang. Stella didn't care for black people too much, especially black men, but there was something attractive about Booker. The black man's presence was just incredibly masculine. Even, cocky, confident Fred standing beside them looked a little uncomfortable.

The two women went to one of their favorite restaurants, a Mexican joint for dinner and margarittas. There they caught up on the past year. Neither brought up their new black coworkers.


Coach had a surprise for them the first day of work. Donna and Stella had their own shower. It was a single stall with one locker, but it sure beat sharing with the guys. "I wanted to do something for you two," said the Coach, "since you're both valuable employees.

"Thanks Coach," they said in unison. Both women knew the Coach was probably more worried about being sued then for the kindness of his heart, but they'd wanted seperate showers for years.

Everyone seemed so excited to start the new season, but after changing into their red swimsuits, the men seemed subdued again, well the whites anyway, the blacks still seemed pretty gung ho. Coach Morrison handed out their roster for the day. Stella was assigned with Hans, a good lookiing blonde Adonis, but also an arrogant jerk in her opinion. "Hey Donna, who you got?" Stella wondered if Donna might switch, though it was frowned upon.


"That's me, pretty lady," said a black with a thick island accent.

Stella recognized him as the black man that had been first on the beach during tryouts. The man was an amazing swimmer and athlete, but she was in no hurry to get stuck with any blacks. "See ya at quiting time," said Stella. The other blacks had seemed to defer to Devon as if he were a natural leader.

The day got off to a slow start, as did the season. In two weeks Memorial day would be upon them and the crowds would hit. In June the senior week teens would swarm the beach like locusts, "June Bugs" they were called. July and August would be nonstop crowds. There would be saves every day, rip currents sending all the lifguards in and out of the water, and most of all stupid tourist questions.

"So ready to go out with me yet?" asked Hans.

"Maybe next year," Stella replied. Hans chuckled. That had been her response every year for the last three. "I've been dating a guy at school." Hans didn't really want her to go out with him. He just wanted to get laid now before the hordes of women arrived to throw themselves a him. The male lifeguards were almost all pigs. Few were faithful and most dumped their girlfriends just before summer. They often traded women around, she'd heard of a couple threesomes, and worst of all they were known to have blow job parties where one girl serviced all the men. Stella had made the mistake of dating a coworker her first year only to catch him screwing a June bug. Luckily, he had only guarded that one year. Hans turned his attention on a lone female sunbather. The woman was slightly chubby, low quality for summer, not bad for this time of year. Hans got a date and Stella knew he'd be getting laid tonight.

Later, Stella stood by the locker while Donna got her shower. She let her gaze run down Donna's full chest and felt a little envious though her breasts got Donna a lot of male attention and Stella was happy to be left alone. "Hans asked me out again," said Stella, "and got his standard answer."

Donna laughed and got out of the shower. She hesitated then said, "Devon asked me out too."

"You turned him down right?" Stella was concerned for her friend

"Of course, but I almost said yes."

"Don't date a lifeguard Donna," warned Stella, "You know what they're like." Stella dropped her towel and showered.

"And Devon's no different. He found someone to go out with tonight. I tell you he's one sexy man though. Those muscles, that accent. I couldn't stop thinking about him all day, especialy his..."

"His what?"

"Stella, I swear to you this is no lie. It looked like he had a snake in his pants. His penis must be gigantic. I could see the outline of it's tip and it looked as big as a golf ball.

"Surely, it was an illusion?"

"I don't think so. It swelled several times. Once when he asked me out and again when the woman he asked out, came up to the stand. I wouldn't believe me either, but I know what I saw. When she accepted, that big head moved three inches and nearly came out of his shorts. Then the whole thing swelled up and he got this obscene bulge under his shorts. He adjusted it up and it stayed like that for over an hour."

"Wow!" said Stella though she was still skeptical. She turned the shower off and dried herself.

"I almost said yes, just so I could see it. I dated a guy once who was close to seven inches, and he was good in bed too, but Devon made him seem tiny. What's the biggest you've ever seen?"

"Around six inches I guess." Stella had only been with three men. She'd never given any thought to size, all their penises could have been interchangable. Of course, size doesn't matter, it's how much you care for the man that made for good sex.

"I can't help wondering what something that big would feel like." Donna had a dreamy look in her eye as the two women left work. The white lifeguards had all hurried to shower and leave, while the blacks were the last out. Even the coach walked out of the lockers white as a ghost and looking stunned.

Stella couldn't help wondering if it was Devon's big penis that had the men so subdued. She'd studied biology and human/animal behavior. It was almost like Devon was an alpha male the way he intimidated some and others looked at him as a leader only the black islander had a huge penis instead of antlers or colorful plumage. This was far fetched and Donna had surely exagerated his size.

The two women met some of the guys for happy hour, a first day tradition, then headed back to their shared rental.

The next day, Stella got assigned Fred and Donna got Brockman, another black man. After work, Stella was closer to headquarters and got to the shower first. Donna came in later and was uncharacteristically quiet. "Hey Donna, what do you want to do for dinner?"

"I kind of have a date tonight," replied Donna looking embarrassed.

"I thought you were seeing someone?"

"Not seriously."

"So who is this guy then?"


"Donna! I hope you know what you're doing. You know what lifeguards are like." Stella was more troubled that Brockman was a big black man, then a coworker.

The two women grabbed a quick bite to eat at a boardwalk subshop. "Donna, have you ever dated a black guy before?" asked Stella before taking a bite of her cheesesteak.

"No, I've never given it any thought until now."

"What made you decide to go out with Brockman?"

"He's got a huge penis too."

"You're imagining things now."

"No Stella, I swear, I...touched it."

"What?" Stella was stunned. This was not the Donna she'd known for three years.

"I know I sound like a slut, but I couldn't say no. He kinda caught me staring at it. He smirked a little, then asked me out."


I kinda waffled answering him. He took my hand and put it on his penis."

"Sounds like a jerk to me. You should sue him for harrassment," Stella said, still in a state of shock. If a black man or any man had done that with her, she'd of slapped him. "What did you do then?"

"I kept my hand on it for like two hours. I only let go when some tourist came up to ask a question. It was like I was holding a salami Stella. It stayed rock hard the whole time."

They left money for the waitress and stood. "I must say I'm surprised at you Donna. He's gonna expect sex after touching his thang all day."

"I know, but I don't fool around on the first date. You wait until you sit by one of them all day. You'll see where I'm coming from."

They went back to the apartment where Donna spent an hour in the shower and getting ready for the date. Stella had never seen her primp so much. When Donna came out she was wearing a sundress that stopped at her knees and was low cut to show off her large breasts. She was wearing sandals and her toenails looked freshly painted. The two girls waited for Brockman in the dark on the porch.

The black man showed up on time wearing khaki pants and a tight white tee shirt that hugged his muscular torso. Several times he caught the street light and Stella swore he had a huge tent in his trousers. It looked as big as Donna had said, but it had to be a trick of the light. One thing was clear, the black man arrived with an erection.

"Stella right?" said Brockman putting his arm around Donna as if they were already a couple. Would you like to join us? I can get one of the brothers to come with us."

"No thanks. Enjoy yourselves."

Stella followed them out of the porch. Donna was leaning into the black man as they headed towards the boardwalk and the beach bars. Brockman's deep voice carried through the night air to her. He said, "It hasn't gone down since you touched it."

"Where they going?" said a voice.

Stella turned. Fred was sitting on the steps to the upstairs apartment he shared with three other lifeguards. He was drinking a beer.

"They're on a date. You got one for me?"

Fred looked as stunned as Stella had only he turned worse looking. He stood up to fetch her a beer and his face looked pale. He ran up to the apartment and his hands were shaking when he brought the beer back down to her. "I can't believe she's going out with him!"


"I just don't like him, any of them for that matter. They're all arrogant jerks. I'm not prejudiced either."

"Fred, have you noticed anything strange about them...anything at the locker room?"

Fred seemed reluctant, he hesitated, then said, "Their dicks are huge." None of the white lifeguards had discussed the unusual size of the black men's penises.

"Donna said the two she sat with both seemed to have large penises."

"Stella, every one of them has a foot long dick give or take an inch. They're freaks. I've seen black men in the showers back in high school or the gym and I've never seen anything like this. They walk around like the own the place, they don't bother wrapping towels around their waists. Their dicks swing around like big bananas and they seem to get hard if the wind changes directions. Sit on the bench to put your shoes on and there will be a big black dick in your face in seconds. It's like they're rubbing their big size in our faces. Some of us aren't even sticking around to shower. We... they get away from the blacks as fast as they can."

"I get the picture." Once Fred started getting this off his chest, he didn't seem to want to shut up about it.

"Brockman came in after me and immediately took his swimsuit off. He had a huge erection and he strutted around bragging about what he was going to do with it tonight. It never shrank an inch, Stella and it was still hard when he left."

"Don't worry, Donna said she'd behave herself tonight."

"I'm not worried." Fred gave a nervous chuckle. "No woman could handle a penis that big. Those men might be big, but they got to be frustrated as hell. Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Stella watched him walk up the stairs. She could tell he was bothered by the black thing. It made him feel inferior. Yet, when they were dating Donna had confided that Fred was the best lover she'd ever had. Fred sure was good looking, if he wasn't such a male slut, Stella would even consider going out with him. Stella went to their living room to wait up for Donna, but she still hadn't returned long after last call so Stella went to bed.

Donna was in the shower when Stella got up. "You were out late," said Stella when her turn for the shower came up.

"I had a little too much to drink and fell asleep on Brock's couch."

"Wasn't someone using it?"

"No, the brothers actually have a very nice apartment with plenty of bedrooms. One of them has to have some money. Most of them didn't come home anyway."

"You look like you didn't get any sleep." Stella didn't want to say that Donna looked horrible. Donna's cheeks were swollen and she walked like someone who had ridden a horse too long, like her joints were aching. Stella hoped her friend wasn't coming down with the flu.

That day Donna got another black named Cassius and Stella got Brockman who was every bit the obnoxious jerk she thought he was. He did have a big bulge.

Brockman was a very sexy man and Stella to her disgust found herself attracted to him. Rubbing up against his nearly nude muscular body was very distracting and arrousing. He openly stared at her body. "How'd you like to do something tonight baby? he asked.

"Ass hole, Donna's one of my best friends." Brockman picked up her hand and pulled it towards his crotch. Stella jerked her hand back. "That won't work with me."

"Donna didn't tell you what a good time she had with Brock the cock last night?"

"Liar, I know she didn't sleep with you."

"You'll come around." Brockman turned away from her and waved a teen girl over to him. Soon he had a date that night. Stella felt so bad for her friend, but Donna had been warned not to date a lifeguard. The blacks may be new this year, but they were learning fast.

Donna dropped a bombshell back at the locker room when Stella told her about Brock. . "It's ok Stella, I'm going out with Cassius tonight. I'm going to skip dinner and take a nap before our date."

Stella was stunned and even more stunned when Donna came out for her date. "How do I look?" asked Donna spinning around.

"Like a slut."

"It's not that bad." Yesterday, Donna had been sexy and beautiful in the sundress. Today, she was wearing a short skirt and a halter top. Her stomach was bare and sexy, though a little pale as female lifeguards all wore one piece suits. The top was little more then titty huggers. Donna's large breasts bounced freely, unconfined by a bra and even worse Donna's nipples were rock hard clearly visible through her top. "I think I look nice. That's it I gotta get going."

"Isn't Cassius meeting you here?" Stella couldn't remember which one he was.

"No, I'm meeting him at the beach bar. Don't wait up."


The next day, Stella was partnered with Fred. He kept bugging her for information on Donna's date. "She says nothing happened, but she got drunk and crashed on the couch."

"Oh," said Fred quietly. "That's what she used to tell people when we were dating. She never slept on my couch though."

"I don't think she slept with him. He made a date with a girl for the next night and Donna didn't seem to care. She even made a date with Cassius."

"What? Another black guy?"

"It doesn't seem to bother her. Don't worry about Donna, she's not a slut."

Donna was a slut and Stella found that out when she got back to the lifeguard station. Stella understood the stunned expressions on the white guard's faces now. Donna was kneeling in the shower sucking on a pair of black balls. The massive foot long penis was superimposed over her face as big as she had said and the man's balls were more the size of large fruits then the more typical nuts. Neither noticed her watching them and Donna moved up to suck on the tip of his cock. The black man guided her head a bit then pulled her to her feet. He cupped her ass cheeks and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around his thick waist. Donna's small white hand was reaching down to guide the large prick to her pussy. Soon the black man was bracing her against the wall and giving her the fucking of her life.

At first, Stella was disgusted. Donna was babbling inane nonsense about "fucking her with his big black cock" and he was constantly belittling her calling her "slut" or "bitch" or "black cock loving whore." If any guy said those words to Stella during sex, she would have kicked him in the nuts or tangerines in the black man's case. Then the smell hit her.

Stella felt the room grow hot and steamy from the shower. Her nipples hardened as she watched the couple. She felt ashamed this disgusting act was turning her on, but the room reeked of sex. a powerful masculine aroma. Stella was the one being fucked by black cock, riding him in the shower and it was good, so good she'd do anything for this man all he had to do was ask.

Stella shook her head to clear it and found the couple had finished. The black man had pulled out and set Donna down. He was decent enough not to cum inside her. His big foot long cock was pointing towards Stella and it shot out a large wad that nearly stunned the young woman. The wad could have filed a shot glass and an equally large amount dripped down to the shower drain, dangling from his rapidly deflating cock head. "Sorry," said Stella lamely.

"No problem," said the black wrapping a towel around his waist and heading for the men's room.

Stella looked at his face realizing it was neither Cassius nor Brockman, it was Booker! He left and Stella heard no sounds coming from the men's locker room. The men were long gone. Stella had been staring at the couple for forty minutes. "Just what the hell are you doing?" asked Stella stepping around the wad on the floor.

"I can't help it, they make me feel so good." Donna was still in the shower catching her breath. Her legs were spread wide and Stella got another shock. Donna's thighs and distended clit were covered with sperm. Large blobs and strands of semen were also falling out between Donna's legs. Booker hadn't pulled out to cum, he had filled her pussy with enough sperm to fill half a can of coke. "I've loved fucking every one of them. I think I'm a whore for black cock."

"Donna, you need help."

"Stella, wait, I'm sorry, let me clean up and we'll get dinner."

"Clean this mess up too. I'll shower at the house."

Stella walked briskly to their apartment. She kept thinking about Booker's cock, but thankfully the salty sea air helped clear her thoughts. After showering, Stella caught Donna on the phone canceling another date and left her alone to appologize to whatever black man she'd been planning on screwing tonight. Donna went to change in their shared bedroom and soon came out. Tonight she was still sexy, showing off her midriff, but not as slutty.

Later, the two were silent as they ate at their favorte Mexican restarant. "I'm not ashamed of what I've done," said Donna.

Stella rolled her fajita. "What's it like? How did you take..."

It's easier then you think. Black cock fills every inch of your pussy. Every nerve ending in my pussy felt alive. I came so much I thought I'd die. I can't explain it. My date with Brockman...I hated it, hated him. He's an arrogant, obnoxious jerk, but I couldn't refuse him after clutching his cock all day. He led me under the boardwalk when we left the bar, pushed me to my knees in the sand and pulled his cock out. I forgot he was such an ass hole as I stared at his huge cock. I couldn't think of anything, but that big dick. You know how you suck a guy off cause you love him or hope he goes down on you? Well, I sucked Brockman because I wanted to. I liked it. He was getting the blow job, but I was the lucky one. I even swallowed his cum."

"Do you have to be so vulgar when you describe it?"

"Sorry, they like it when you talk dirty to them. After that, I was a little disappointed because I really wanted his black co...penis in my vagina. No sooner then we arrived at his place, but we stripped and his cock turned rock hard again."

"Must have been awhile for him."

"Ha, no Stella. Not only are they big, but black cock gets hard at the drop of a hat and they last forever too. Brockman came five times that night, three within two hours of each other."

"Your making these guys out to be gods!"

"Cassius was easy. He knew I was into him. We had one drink then went back to their apartment and fucked all night. Booker just followed me into the locker room and joined me in the shower."

"He didn't even ask?"

"He didn't have to. Lets pay then go have a drink at the beach bar, we're both off tomorrow."

"Ok." Stella wasn't sure she wanted to hang out with Donna anymore. Her friend had turned into a foul-mouthed slut in a manner of days, but they had to live together for the next three months and she could use another drink.

The girls grabbed a table at the beach bar. Coach Morrison and his wife were there having snacks at the bar. He bought the girls a round, then left. "You asked how I took it in my pussy," stated Donna now a litle drunk from margarittas and starting on beer. "That was nothing, I even took it up my ass."

"Donna please!"

"And I liked it to. It hurt at first, but then..."

"Donna no more. I don't want to hear anything about black men the rest of the night. Understand?"

"Yo yo lay-dees may we join you?" said the Carribean accent behind them.

Devon walked up smiling with another black lifeguard named Tim Harmon, but they refered to him as Tiny, probably because he was around 6'10, a muscular giant among the blacks . Stella was about to say they were discussing something when Donna chimed in, "Of course, take a seat."

Stella felt uncomfortable with the black men, but they did seem to have a certain aura about them she found attractive. Despite her dislike for them, Stella caught herself laughing at Devon's jokes. She quit laughing when Devon's hands kept disappearing under the table by Donna. She made small talk with Tiny asking him how he like his job and such. It helped that the black men were generous with the drinks, ordering several shots and making toasts. Stella was soon the drunkest she'd been in a long while.

"You laydees want to go some place fun?" asked Devon.

"Sure," chimed Donna. "We're both off tomorrow."

"Still, I think we've had enough Donna. Lets go home."

"Nonsense, come on let's go." Devon left a tip on the table and the foursome stood up, heading for the door.

"Where are we going?" asked Stella.

"It's a surprise," replied Devon, trust us. The islander put his arm around Donna and started walking down the boardwalk.

"Just so you know Tiny," whispered Stella to the black giant, "I'm seeing someone, so this isn't a date."

"I gets it. Just coworkers havin some funs."

Devon had a convertable bmw parked at a meter on the street. The four got inside and drove off. Stella sat beside Tiny and found herself checking him out. His bare bicep was as big as her thigh and she had strong athletic thighs. She'd never found bulging muscles attractive, but on the black men they worked. The same could be said for his shaved head, glistening from the street lights. It was sexy and virile. Tiny Tim wasn't good looking, but in a way he was one of the sexiest men she'd ever seen. She felt very feminine sitting beside him.

The beamer drove to the edge of town, then turned West towards the wealthy part of town. These were the beach houses rising above the dunes on stilts. Farther from the beach were more million dollar homes not elevated and the community even had their own little private marina off the canal outside town. Devon pulled up into the driveway of one of the beach houses and parked. "My other boss owns this place," said Devon. "He's only here on weekends.

"Wow!" Donna got out and stared at the building. It was huge with a ground floor entrance as well as a large upperdeck and a private dune crossing.

"He lets you hang out here?" asked Stella. She'd seen this place from the beach many times. She vaguely recalled a large black man standing on the top floor "widows watch" watching the lifeguard tryouts last month.

"Hell no, the house is off limits, but..." They followed Devon around the side of the house, "he lets me use the hot tub." Devon climbed up the ladder and started hitting some buttons. It was a large, elevated 8-10 person tub. "Tiny, go get the beer out of the trunk."

"This looks like fun Devon," said Stella, "but we're not wearing our bathing suits."

"Stella," said Donna, pulling two bikinis out of her purse.

"There's a outdoor shower over there you can change in," said Devon pulling off his shirt as Tiny returned with a small cooler.

Stella was out of excuses and followed Donna to the shower. Donna went inside to change first. Stella rolled her eyes at the bikini she now held. It was her skimpy one. She wouldn't even wear this thing to the beach as it covered too little skin and the thong made it illegal. She only wore it in the backyard on her days off. Oh well, at least the water would cover most of it up.

Donna opened he door and Stella's eyes bugged out. Her voluptous friend was wearing a virtually obscene bikini. The top was too small, squeezed her breasts tightly, and just covered her nipples. The bottom was as bad and Stella guessed that Donna had shaved her crotch or hair would have been sticking out around her bottoms. Stella took her place in the shower and stripped off her outfit, putting on her embarrassingly small bikini. Stella gathered up her clothes and stepped out.

"Damn girl!" Tiny said looking down at her as she approached the tub. "You look fine."

Donna who was kissing Devon paused and they too checked out Stella. Devon whistled. Stella was already embarassed by her skimpy bikini and the attention made it worse. She climbed up the ladder a little lightheaded from the booze and got in the water. "Wait," said Tiny before she could sit down, "turn around for me."

"I will not," said Stella.

"Come on," he pleaded. "If you won't turn around then flex for me, I love athletic women."

"Alright." Stella raised her arms and flexed, proud of her figure. Where Donna would of fit in with the baywatch cast, Stella could have been on the cover of fitness magazine. Her breasts weren't large, but stood out on her thin frame. Her belly was a little too white as she hadn't had much free time to sunbath. Her stomach hardened and ridges appeared.

"Damn look at those abs," said Tiny. "Turn around let me see your back muscles."

His gaze was so admiring that Stella felt very smug, but also embarrassed. Her nipples were hardening, pushing the bikini top out. She turned around realizing she was exposing her bare ass. Her ass was neither big nor small, but it was very smooth and hard. Stella slowly lowered herself and turned around, sitting down so that her chest was covered by water. Her face turned red as she realized Tim was still staring intently at her. "So Devon, who owns this place?" she asked as Tim handed her a beer.

"Solomon KIng of King Enterprises."

"Isn't he one of the wealthiest African-Americans in New York?"

"Actually, THE wealthiest in the state and top ten in the country. He just bought the pharmaceutical plant outside town."

The four joked and talked for awhile finishing their drinks. Donna leaned against Devon and their hands were busy underwater. "Tiny, could you hand me another beer?" asked Stella.

Stella saw there was nothing tiny about the black man when he stood. His thick, plump shaft appeared as the big black man reached over towards the cooler and got a beer.

"You're not wearing a bathingsuit!"

"Nope, didn't bring one."

"Sea serpent!" shouted Donna giggling. Devon's huge cock head broke the surface of the water and reared up, moving left then right. Donna was gripping it beneath the water and moving it around. Devon raised himself out of the water and Donna turned around swallowing what looked like a foot long shaft.

Tiny raised himself up and sat on the edge, his long cock dangling in the water. He watched Donna giving Devon the bow job and his cock suddenly extended an inch and began to rise out of the water. He glanced longingly towards Stella.

"Oh go suck him off before I ask him to join me and Devon," said Donna pausing in her blow job while Devon pulled her bikini top off.

"I-I'm not that kind of person," Stella said staring at Tiny's now hard cock.

Is it cause I'm black?" asked Tiny.

"No, I've just met you. I don't sleep around."

"It's my cock isn't it? You don't like it."

"No Tim, it's fine. It's huge."

"Now I know you're lying."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm a runt. Why do you think they call me Tiny? At least it's thinker then most to make up for it's shortness."

Devon was busy guiding Donna's head up and down his cock, but chimed in, "You forget Tiny, you're small for a black man. Stella probably never had black cock before so you're probably huge to the little white pricks she's seen."

Stella wouldn't have believed this a month ago. Tiny's cock was almost eleven inches long and very thick. This was small! This was small enough they gave him a derogatory nickname? Tiny stood and waded towards her. "Is Devon right? Is this big to you?"

"Yes." Stella stared at it in awe hovering just inches above her head. Tim was so tall, she was staring up at two huge, sperm filled nuts.

Stella was holding her beer. Tiny reached down and took it from her, guiding her hand over to his cock. Her fingers wrapped around it. "Does it feel big to you?"

"Yes, it's huge." Stella carressed it awed by his size.

"Taste it Stella," said Donna.

Stella looked away from Tiny's black cock and at Donna. Both she and Devon were staring intently at her wanting to see her taste her first black cock.

"I can't do this," she said standing and climbing out of the tub.

"You don't know what you're missing," said Donna.

"Go suck on Tiny," whispered Devon in Donna's ear.

"Yeah," groaned Tiny as Donna took his cock in her mouth. "You're no fuckin tease like your friend. You're a black cock suckin white slut."

"So is Stella, mon," said Devon. "She don't know it yet. Smell that chlorine. Why don't you go see how Stella's doing?"

The chlorine in the tub! It was covering up his pheromones. Stella had touched his cock and she wasn't Xcite horny nor were his pheromones affecting her. Maybe she was a little drunk, but she was curious about black cock. He pushed Donna back off his cock and left the tub.

Stella was sitting on a bench near the shower holding her head in her hands out of sight of the hot tub. She heard a foot step and looked up. Stella was staring right at Tiny's cock. "I wanted to check up on you," he said. The fat monster looked different now. It was wet and glistening. It was also rampant like men get when extremely aroused. Her nipples now grew painfully erect and her pussy got wet. He smelled of sex, the same powerful odor she had detected watching Donna and Cassius fuck in the shower. A sight and smell she'd never forget. She wanted it. She had wanted it for awhile, but had been fighting it. Stella snapped. She pushed her nose into his crotch and inhaled deeply. "Suck it," said Tiny.

Stella breathed deeply through her nose again, then kissed her way up his cock. She grabbed the base to steady it and ran her tongue around the head. Soon she was taking the tip in her mouth and sucking on it. Stella choked as it hit her throat, but relaxed her gag reflex and forced more in. She breathed through her nose, the smell only making her want it more. Soon she was sucking on a good seven inches while Tim guided her head along.

"Suck that black cock, you slut."

Stella would have found his comments demeaning and if any of her old boyfriends had said it, they'd be going home with blue balls, but she barely heard the black man. She was too intent on sucking his cock, trying to get him off. Her neck was hurting, but she forced herself to go on. She was so lucky. Stella decided she should reward the black man by actually swallowing his sperm. Her free hand started massaging his balls. His cock jerked and hot sperm slid into her belly. It jerked again and another large gulp slid down her throat. She wanted to taste it. Stella moved her head back as another wad filled her mouth to overflowing. She gulped then again as more filled her mouth and again and again.

Later, after Tim pulled back and she reluctantly released his cock from her mouth. "I've never enjoyed sucking a man off before. It's weird, but I liked sucking you. Even your semen tasted good. I-I'd do it again." Stella stroked on the still plump cock as she spoke.

"You're learnin yo place girl."

"'s getting hard again?"

"Yes, let's go join the others."

Stella climbed up the hot tub ladder as Tim stood behind her. His large hands grabbed her hips, but it wasn't to steady her. He pulled her bikini bottoms down and she stepped out of them. The top soon followed

The water in the hot tub looked like the ocean in a hurricane. Donna was straddling Devon screaming out in pleasre as she bounced wildly up and down his shaft. "Oh god, oh god" screamed Donna. "Oh god, having black cum flood my pussy always gets me off."

Stella watched her friend quit moving and shudder in orgasm while Devon groaned as he shot his load. Tiny sat down in the water and pulled her into his lap. His cock head broke the surface to guide her pussy towards it. Stella lowered herself, her pussy lips pusihng in, then parting as the huge head forced it's way in. "It's so big." Soon Stella was raising and lowering herself over his shaft taking more and more while Tim sucked on her nipples. "So big, so good. Oh, oh, I'm cumming."

"Now you know what it's like," said Donna beside her as Stella shivered from the biggest orgasm of her life.

"Oh it's fucking good Donna. Oh god, I'm gonna cum again. Oh yessss." Stella came again which left her in a euphoric state as she felt hands on her hips.

"Might as well break ya in good," said Devon behind her.

"What are you? Oh, fuck me Tiny. What are...oh, oh. Oh god, not my ass. Oh god, cumm...hurts too big." Stella would always remember this as her only painful orgasm. Pleasure won, but the pain in her ass was acute as Devon took advantage and pushed half his cock in her ass.

"Not fair," complained Donna. "I haven't had two cocks yet."

"Your turn will come," growled Devon pushing another inch in.

The pain faded as she came down from the orgasm. It was strange at first. Stella could feel their dicks rubbing against each other inside her. Then they started to move. There was no rythym, no working together, just two cocks having a free for all in her pussy and ass. Soon she was cumming again. "I think she likes black cock, Dev," said Tiny.

"She sure does mon."

"I fucking love it," she screamed as Tm flooded her pussy with cum. Stella had her biggest orgasm yet while he came inside her and soon her ass was also flooded with sperm. Later, she hadn't even recovered when she watched the blacks do the same thing to Donna.

The two girls pulled a train the next day. Devon and Tiny took them back to the brothers' apartment where they soon fell into an exhausted sleep. Stella awoke around noon as someone pulled her legs apart. It was Cassius on his lunch break. He slow fucked her for about forty minutes, grabbed a quick sandwich, then left. Two blacks came home on break around one. Stella listened to Donna scream in pleasure in the next room while her own screams rivaled her friends. Brockman came in at two, didn't like the mess between her legs, so he flipped her over and fucked her ass. At three, she was kneeling under the table sucking off Booker while he ate his lunch. The two women made their escape at four, getting home as fast as they could before the blacks got off work and gangbanged them. There the turned off the lights and rested their sore bodies.

The next day, Stella was sitting in the lifeguard chair beside Fred. She was a little jealous that Donna had gotten Brockman as a partner, not that they could fool around at work, but it would be nice to squeeze a black cock every now and then. Stella was wrong though. They could fool around at work. Devon ran over to her chair having the same lunch break as she did.

"I need to drain my balls," said Devon as she climbed down. "What's up mon," he said to Fred. "Come on slut, I have an idea."

Devon grabbed her hand and led her towards a beach shack where he proceeded to intimidate the pimply faced kid into letting him use it. Stella could see Fred staring in shock at them until the shack door closed. Soon Devon was fucking her on top a stack of rafts. These shacks would see a lot of use this year. This was going to be a long summer, thought Stella. A long, satisfying summer, she corrected as she started cumminig.

The End

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