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Since you posted my early encounter with being raped, I had received hundreds of emails. Most responses were not down to earth, they were into glamor stuff, wining and dining, etc.. Then a guy emailed me a pic of him on his bike! WOW! My husband and I are into Harley's, owning a couple of them. That is the lifestyle I usually lead, jeans and t-shirts.

Well, this black guy sent his pix, he is as big as my husband in every way!! but a carbon copy!! :-) He is 6'4", 240#, has a beard and long hair, even has the same size cock! 8 inches and fairly thick! And his bike is a HARLEY! We hit it off! He was understanding of my need for discretion and well, we met on a Tuesday afternoon. He lives in GA, but rode down to GreenCove Springs near Jacksonville to meet me. He was great! He didn't pressure me at all. We talked for a while, then I followed him to a park with a boat ramp. Being a Tues it wasn't busy.

We sat by ourselves way in the back by the woods. We had our first kiss. WOW! We kissed again and soon were holding each other and rubbing each other!! He rubbed his big cock on my belly, remember I am only 5', and I was so horny! I sat him on the picnic bench and straddled his lap. I guess I gave him a pretty good lap dance, I could feel his cock rubbing on my soaked cunny. After looking around, he pulled up my shirt and sucked on my nipples! I went crazy with lust!

I stood up, had him move up and sit on the picnic table, and I sat on the bench. I took my shirt off, unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. It was beautiful! Real dark, almost black! There was precum on the tip, I couldn't resist! I licked it off! I gave him a very rapid, wet and sloppy blowjob! He was amazed that I could swallow the whole thing. I loved the contrast of my hand on his dark meat! I reached into my purse and put a rubber on it, then went to work!! I made him cum, and did he cum! He filled that rubber real fast!

The only other thing different between Fred's cock and my husband's, is that my husband's will get real little after he cums, and stay that way normally. Fred's cock stayed almost half erect and real long! So I took off the rubber and started to suck him again! He loved it! I just wished I could have swallowed and tasted his cum!

Anyway, there was still no one around, so he went to his bike and got a blanket from his saddle bag, we went a little ways into the woods, but not far enough so we couldn't see his bike. I undressed and he took his boots and pants off. He went down on me and licked my cunny. I was surprised because, I heard black guys didn't like that. But he sure did! He brought me to two orgasms, as I begged him to fuck me! He rammed me hard and fast. Shit I forgot the rubber, he pulled out and put one on, then proceeded to fuck me silly! And I mean it, I was raw , sore and dazed when he finally came deep in me! He is a great fuck!

We cuddled a little, then got dressed and sat back at the picnic table. I asked him to come home with me and he did. We spent the night exploring all the ways we could please each other. We finished the night by skinny dipping in my pool. Wednesday morning, I woke him with a blowjob! Then we showered, had some breakfast, and fucked outside in the yard. I live way out in the country, and have no neighbors. He had to head back up to GA, but asked if he could see me again.. I told him SURE!

We made a date for Friday to meet in a bar, he said there was a black biker bar, about 50 miles from my house. I met him there. I was dressed in a black leather halter and a pair of daisy dukes shorts, and sandles. My ass cheeks would show every step I took. He told me to dress sexy! Well, there were about 15 bikes outside, and a few cars. It was crowded inside, but I found Fred real fast. He introduced me to a bunch of guys, mostly Black, some Spanish and a few White guys. They all belonged to a motorcycle club. Every one treated me with respect. I had a few drinks and felt very comfortable.

Fred and I were playing pool, and having fun. He would grab me once in a while, and pull my shirt up to show off my titties to his friends, but that I am used to, my hubby does the same thing. About midnight, a lot of guys left, there were only about a dozen or so in the bar. We were still shooting pool when another black guy and his girlfriend, a Spanish girl, challenged us to a game. Well it turned out to be a strip pool game, the loser's woman having to remove a piece of clotheing as they lost!

We gathered an audience real fast. The remaining bikers watched me and Migdalia, (The Spanish girl), lose our clothes. I only had on the halter and the shorts, so I was naked real fast, and Migdalia was naked not too far behind. With nothing else to take off, they had the loser's woman eat out the winner's woman. Migdalia eats Pussy very Good :)

We wound up with me fucking his friend Roger, while Fred fucked Migdalia. The other guys watched and jerked off, but no one came over to us. I was kinda disappointed, I wanted to experience a Gang Bang. We spent the night with Roger and Migdalia, Roger has a very long cock, I guess about 10 or 11 inches, but he isn't too thick. He passed out after the first fuck, and I couldn't get him up with a bj, so I helped Migdalia with Fred!! I also had my first taste of a woman! It was great!

Migdalia and I have become great friends, she is from Jacksonville and her husband is a trucker, so she plays with Roger when he is away. She has been doing this for three years now! So, I guess, I hope, Fred has me stick around that long. I see Fred almost every day my husband's gone, and Thurs, when my husband came home, he didn't give me a chance to shower, so he got a good amount of Fred's cum out of my pussy. He asked me if I was using a different douche! (Fred and I went for blood tests, we are both hiv neg, and will use rubbers with other people, we used rubbers till we got the results.)

My husband is in seventh heaven, I introduced him to Migdalia, and we have had a three way with her, and he says, I can have fun with her husband if I want to when he is not home. Migdalia couldn't believe my husband had 8 inches and be white! Was she surprised.

Well Fred has two Gang Bangs for me, if I want them. I kept hounding him about the bar, but he wants me to go to Octoberfest with him in Daytona, he said that there is a park there that thousands of black bikers go to every Daytona and Octoberfest. We could do it in a van there, or at the camp ground, I could have as many as I want! I haven't decided. I need to experience it once at least.

Fred is coming over tonight and taking me to this guys house that is into animal sex, like dogs, ponies and horses. He said I could watch or join in if I wanted to, I will let you know.

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