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The 3 of us met for coffee at a local restaurant to get acquainted before the fun started. After awhile we went to Bob's apt. After a short while I went in and changed into a sexy robe which Bob and my husband thought was very appropriate. I sat down next to Bob while my husband watched me go down on his nice black cock. I thoroughly enjoy sucking a cock until it goes off in my mouth. His cock tasted really good and it took me about 10 minutes to suck it clear off.

He then went down on my hot pussy and gave me one of the best tongue jobs I had had in a long time, I went off several times. We then stretched out on a pad that was on the floor and just made out for awhile. I enjoyed having my husband watch me with someone else. I sucked on his cock again and got it good and hard, then he got on top of me and put his black cock into my hot pussy and gave me a good old fashioned screwing.

My husband told me later that he really enjoyed watching me get fucked and giving Bob a good blow job. We are supposed to get together next weekend and may be joined by a second black, that would be a lot of fun if it works out. Hope to hear from other black cocks in the Seattle area.

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