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SUE AND DAVE All Rights Reserved

We are Sue and Dave. We've been swinging now almost 9 years. Sue has been only interested in black cock since we started swinging. Something about the black on white action, large cock size and the "taboo" that goes on keeps this lady wet!

We have met many different black men over the years, some have cum and gone, but most keep in touch because they enjoy Sue's lust for sex.

Probably one of the most memorable experiences is her meeting with 5 of our regular friends. As most of you know, getting 5 schedules to coordinate is difficult but once in a while the moon and sun are right and all things come together.

The evening started with Sue and me arriving at the hotel with 30 minutes to spare. Sue doesn't really dress up since she usually gets naked pretty quick. She was wearing her red semi bra, red garter, red hose and heels under her dress. The guys all showed up over a 15 minute period. I met them in the lobby and sent them up to our room. We knew them all so I didn't need to be there as things got started. Sue met James at door, only in her lingerie and the rest just walked in and joined the action.

Sue is only 5'2, 110lbs so rather petite. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room was the fact I couldn't see much of her since she was surrounded, covered, smothered by black men. She was on her back, Steve between her legs, already with a condom on, thrusting away. She had James over her face, sucking on his cock, and Dan's cock already stroking in one free hand. Dave and Kevin were were sucking on her nipples, one on each side. This went on for 15-20 minutes before Steve stepped aside and Dave slipped on a condom and took his place between Sue's legs. For the first 40 minutes they rotated around, except for James who always enjoys Sue's blowjobs.

Sue then got up, took James to the couch, slipped a condom on his black cock and preceeded to lower her ass onto his 9" cock (photo).

Sue LOVES a good ass fuck and proceeded to thrust herself down on his cock like she was trying to get the cock deep inside her ass. We all watched for a while, before Dan stood up in front of Sue and let her suck on him while she got ass fucked by James. This went on for 20 minutes with each guy rotating in front of Sue to get sucked while she impaled herself on James. James finally pulled out, slipped off his condom and let go a large load on Sue's back from behind.

Sue then proceeded to the bed where she mounted Dave on the bed while Steve entered her ass from behind and Dan positioned himself in her face to continue her tongue lashing. Steve didn't take long before he too came (something about fucking a wet, tight ass) and came in his condom before he could get it off to reward Sue. Dave turned Sue over on her back and proceeded to fuck her missionary style until she came. Her moaning got him excited and he slipped his condom off just in time to squirt a load all over her tummy, breasts, and face.

James was erect again and he and Dan double teamed Sue again, doggie style with James this time in her pussy and Dan in her ass. These guys must have worked her over for 25 minutes before Sue came again. She pulled Dan out of her ass, ripped his condom off and sucked him like a vacuum cleaner.

Before long Dan gave her a load which seemed to take 3 gulps before it all went down.

This covers only the first 90 minutes of the night, but by the time it was all over, each guy was limp, sweating and panting and Sue was still as wet as the minute I dropped her off in the room. She is the only lady I ever met who gets so excited by ass fucking, she actually gets wet and NEVER uses any lubrication.

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