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Black Knight

I have a black roommate who is very smooth with the women. He dates all races with no discrimination to any particular race a preference. I am an Asian who does okay with the women but nothing like the “Black Knight”. His name will remain a mystery as will mine, you never know who reads these elaborate stories. Unfortunately, I am not gifted as my roommate is; he is 15 inches if he is a foot. Smooth skin, perfect complexion, built like a shit brick house (if guys can have that same analogy), he is a Department of Transportation Supervisor for road construction sites. He exercises daily, takes his protein drink, possibly some steroids, (unbelievable muscle mass), and dick pills for some reason (maybe counteracting his muscle pills).

Anyway, he recently got a new job in the upscale area of Chicago and traffic has been a bitch getting through some of the areas. Well, with a wink and a smile, he would allow the more attractive women, girls, and even guys through a short cut for a price, (a telephone number, a blowjob, a quickie, or even a threesome), he wasn’t particular about who, what, when, or where it happened.

One day he decides to go over to the local hotel and rent a room for the entire day, it had been a week or so since he had some pussy of any race and he could afford the room, (which is another story, on how it gets the room for an entire day). He sees this hot looking brunette in a BMW convertible who is having a piss-fit about the traffic, he motions her ahead of the line and asks what her problem is, she responds with

Driver – “you fucking assholes have got this road fucked up and I am late for an appointment with my husband”.

Black Knight – “Well, miss, sorry for the inconvenience, but everyone needs to wait his or her turn, and your council representatives wanted a new road put in here.”

Driver – “I don’t give a shit if the president of the United States wanted a new road, get me the fuck out of here.”

Black Knight – “If you say fuck one more time, I may have to make you eat those words, and I do mean eat those words.”

Driver – “You got nothing I haven’t seen before, I bet you are all show and no go, all you jocks are just that all muscle and no DICKS.”

Black Knight – “I have a muscle that gets plenty of exercise without lifting weights”, he unzips his pants, and out falls his 15-inch cock, her mouth fell open and went right to his cock.

Black Knight – “Whoa baby, it’s going to cost you, meet me at the hotel address in ten minutes, be naked and ready to get the fucking of your life.”

Driver – “You fuck me over and leave me there horny and waiting, I’ll come back and cut that cock of our yours off and feed it to you myself.”

He did not disappoint her, he was there in five minutes and when she walked in the door, he grabbed her by the arms, whipped around and slapped a pair of handcuffs on her before she knew what happened, threw her on the bed and tired her legs to the bed posts. She was a fighter, she swore she would have his balls cut and sautéed for breakfast, too bad for her that she was having them for a quickie instead. The Black Knight wasted no time once he had her just the way he wanted her, spread eagle, and dripping.

Black Knight – “You high priced rich bitches think that all any blue collar workers are good for is bossing around, your husband is probably on the Stock Exchange in Chicago, gives you whatever you want and thinks nothing of it when he cums to soon and leaves you wanting more. Well bitch, how close am I to being right?”

Driver – “Yes, he has a fig-leave for a cock and cums within minutes after we start fucking. I pant a lot, groan like I cannot wait any longer, and tell him he is the best fuck I have ever had in my life.”

Black Knight – “If it is a fig leave for a cock it isn’t a cock, it’s a penis of no significance, I am about to give you a cock of 15 inches in length and a diameter of 3 inches, and when I am fucking you, you will not pretend to be having an orgasm, you will be panting for real, and you will tell me I am the best fuck you have ever had.”

Driver – “Are you going to talk all day or actually show me how that cock feels in a woman dripping of money.”

Black Knight – “You arrogant bitch, here comes the fucking of your life that you have been waiting for. First, I am going to shut your mouth with the taste of a black cock of magnitude.

He slowly stuffs the head into her mouth and she struggles to take the head into her mouth, once in, he slowly starts to push it down her throat, she struggles to keep from choking, but somehow takes an inch at a time until he realizes that she might pass-out from suffocation. He slowly pulls it out to her mouth cavity and then slowly pushes it back down her throat. She starts to fig it and moans softly, she tries to rub her cunt and pussy with her hands but she cannot reach them. The Black Knight realizes what she is trying to do, inserts a finger into her pussy, and slowly slides it around until she starts to pant and heave her body towards him.

Driver – “Oh my God, give it to me, give it all to me, I want you inside me and I want all 15 inches up my cunt now.”

Black Knight – “That’s right, want, want, want, well bitch, I will tell you when you get this cock up your pussy and if you get it all, I’m in charge and not your wimpy husband, now get your mouth back on my cock head, wait suck my balls instead, both of them.”

Driver – “They’re too big, my God, they must be the size of softballs and I don’t mean “softballs”.

Black Knight – “Shut the fuck up and start sucking bitch, and I will tell you when to stop, I’m in charge and you will do what I want."

She takes one in her mouth and then tries to take the other one, but cannot fit it in her mouth so she alternates them back and forth and gently glides her teeth over them for added pleasure, the Black Knight begins to moan and starts pumping his cock in his hand in front of her face. She sees that his breathing is becoming more rhythmic and that his head has swollen to twice its original size. Just then, he cums all over her face, tits, and just keep cumming all over her body, she came until her entire body was covered from belly button to her face. She squirms to keep it from her unprotected cunt but the cum starts to slide down toward her pussy.

Black Knight – “Hmm, is it that time of the month or are you just trying to savor the moment.” I think you need that fucking you’ve been talking about and I may have spent some of my cum on your body, but believe me baby; I have more where that came from.

Driver – “Please, don’t cum in my pussy, my husband has been trying to have me get pregnant to carry on his name and I am ovulating right now and that is why I needed to get to him in such a hurry.”

Black Knight – “Well, things have changed, you come to me and shoot off your mouth about being in a fucking hurry, that I am nothing more than a muscle head, and I am all talk and no action, you are about ready to see how much action I am going to give your unprotected cunt, bitch.”

Black Knight spreads her legs even further apart by his strong legs and pretends to put on a condom to satisfy her wishes, however, what she doesn’t know is that he has already punctured a few holes into the package and will proceed with the fucking. The driver is relieved to see the condom and begins to talk seductive to him.

Driver – “That’s it you big black stud, give me that big black cock of yours up my cunt and don’t spare an inch. I want all of you and find out what it really feels to get fucked by a cock and not a penis.” I want that cock coming out of my mouth and really find out if the saying is true ‘it will stretch a mile before ripping an inch’ give me that cock as much and as often as you want stud.”

Black Knight – “I hope this condom holds, I have a hard time finding one that will hold my cock under control. My cock needs to feel the tightness of your cunt and the feeling of those unprotected walls collapsing around a black cock that needs to be released.”

Driver – “That’s it, ease that cock head into my pussy, give me a little so I can enjoy every fucking inch of that black meat, I want to know what it feels like to be stretched out to the maximum and to feel a cock where no man has been before.” I want all of it and I want it now, you black knight. My knight in shinning armor (black shinning armor) you’ve come to safe me from my life of dullness and give me the experience of a truly masterful cock.”

Black Knight – “I’ll give you this cock alright, but when and how I want to give it to you, you are not my boss, you are not my slave owner, and you are not my fucking wife. Now shut up and get ready for the fucking of your life.

With that statement given, Black Knight eased his head in like she wanted, but that was the last thing he did that she wanted, he raised himself high up into the air so she could see his glistening, muscular body, and ebony cock getting ready to fuck her, but what she wasn’t ready for was half of it in one stroke. She cried out in pain and terror-stricken her face as the Black Knight pulled back and smiled devilishly at her on the next thrust. She looked at him with a plea and shook her head back and forth to ask him not to do that again, her cunt couldn’t take any more. He smiled from ear to ear and just lowered himself into her again. This time he gave her a bit more than half and again pulled out and looked deep into her eyes like he was saying “get ready baby, her it comes, and you will not regret it”. She looked back at him and began to thrust her hips up to his to help meet him halfway. She was soaking wet with both sweat and cunt juice and he knew she was ready for all 15 inches. With that look exchanged, and her dripping wet, he gave it the old rugby grunt and thrust all of him into her one last time. She let out a blood-curling scream that could be heard from at least three rooms on both sides of theirs. He laid on top of her for what seemed 15 minutes and let her cunt get accustom to his size, but it was only a few minutes and he started to pump in and out of her with a steady rhythm and she started to meet his thrust and gyrate with his beat. She couldn’t believe she took him all the way in just three thrusts but she lay there enjoying the best fucking she has ever had in her life and thanked God he had a condom on.

Black Knight – “Is this the best fucking you have ever had, how does a real cock feel in your tight cunt?”

Driver – “I cannot believe how big you are, I thought sure my cunt was going to rip or something, but it held and you feel unbelievably great in my pussy, keep fucking me, harder, faster, fuck me you black bastard, fuck me now.”

Black Knight – “I told you bitch, I’m in charge and you don’t tell me what to do, you want it, you really want it, here we go, get ready for the ride of your life and I’m not stopping even if you beg me to, so hold on for a cunt stretching fucking of your life.”

With that in mind, Black Knight, got the strokes going incredibly faster and faster and she couldn’t keep up, ‘stop’, ‘stop’, ‘stop’, you’re ripping me open, I feel blood coming out’ unfortunately it wasn’t blood but his pre-cum spilling out from his pin holes in his condom.

Black Knight – “I am going to rip you open and leave you wanting more when I get done with you bitch, what’s a little blood amongst friends, you’ll heal.”

Driver – “I’m bleeding, stop, you’re killing me, then all of a sudden she felt him starting to fill her more and more and the pain was subsiding and she started to get into his pace and ride him like a horse.

She realized that his beat was going in and out with her own pace and she was about ready to cum when he made his comment….

Black Knight – “Baby I am about ready to cum with you and it will be special. We will have the best thing ever in a few minutes and it will last a lifetime (oh about nine months later she will realize what he meant). She was saying ‘yes, yes, yes, give it to me you fucking stud, give me that fucking black cock now’.

Driver – “Oh that’s it, that’s it, yes, yes, yes, you are the best fuck I have ever had and now I know what a real cock feels like, thank you for using a condom and I am sure I will heal in a few days. You were great, anytime you want to hold up traffic in my area and want to teach me a lesson in patience let me know, I’ll be looking for you on the roads in the future, black knight.

Black Knight – “You are one tight bitch but you were worth the breaking in and when I tell you that the traffic is necessary, it is necessary. You rich bitches think that all of us blacks are just muscle heads, blue collar idiots doing whatever we’re told, but actually we always get what we want in the end.

The driver looked at him in a puzzled look and noticed that there wasn’t any blood in the sheets like she thought when she felt the blood seeping out of her cunt, hmm. The hotel story to follow in the coming weeks.

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