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Aggie's Second Time
BY: All Rights Reserved

As time went on Aggie and I started living together and we soon moved to a larger city. I left my band and got a second shift job to support us in our new apartment. Every time we made love we would talk about our experience at the porno theater. After a while, I stopped mentioning it and she would bring it up how she had fucked a black man right under (or over) my nose. I knew she wanted more but thought she should be a good girl.

So she and I talked about it often, and I started to add that there were three guys standing there after we had finished and how they had probably wanted to get off too. She would start to cum and say things like "I would have fucked them too!" and that would usually trigger my orgasm and that would be the end of that.

One night we went out with some friends and Aggie drank a little more than she should have. I suggested we get something to eat but our friends declined, so Aggie and I headed to a restaurant and ate. On the way home she was still pretty drunk and especially horny. She slid between the seats in my van and proceeded to give me head as we drove.

Instead of going home, I drove to another porno theater and parked in the parking lot. As she came up for air, she declared "I wanna fuck!" She looked around and saw we were at a porno theater.
"Aw fuck" she said.
I reached for the key to start the van. I figured she was against going in, but she turned off the van and stared at me.
"You don't have to go in," I told her.
"No, it's not that" she replied. "I just know if I go in there I'm going to do something I'm going to regret in the morning." she slurred.
"We can leave," I repeated.
"Aww, let's go check it out," she replied.

We made our way inside and took a seat. My cock was throbbing in anticipation and I placed her hand on it as we sat down. "What has you so excited, honey?" she smiled at me. She was dressed in a short skirt and a halter top. I ran my hand up her leg and under her skirt to find her dripping wet. "Probably the same thing that has you so wet," I told her.

Several men were standing behind us, most with their cocks exposed. Aggie looked around and shuddered. "Did you just cum?" I asked her. "Yes, and I'm cumming again if you keep fingering me," she whispered in my ear. I tossed a cushion from the seat next to me on the floor in front of her and knelt between her legs. As she spred her legs I pulled her underwear off and stuck them in my pocket. I placed my mouth on her pussy and started to lick her clit, as I reached up and slipped her halter top up over her tits. I kneaded her tits in both hands as I licked her soaked pussy. Several men were feeling her chest and as I pulled my hands away, she was covered with hands. Several men were standing behind me with their cocks out, jerking off.

As I came up for air I asked if she was ready for some cock. "God, yes!" she moaned. I moved out of the way and grabbed a large black cock, guiding it and it's owner between her legs. I rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and then released my grip. The young black guy started pumping her and someone shined a penlight on the scene. There was a massive black cock pumping in and out of her shaved white pussy. I regained my kneaded seat next to her and watched as he fucked her. She was having one continuous orgasm, and she turned to me and smiled.
"Is he good baby?" I asked her.
"Ohhhh yeah!" she said and placed her hands on his ass to drive him deeper. She threw her legs in the air and kicked some poor guy.
Soon the guy stiffened and pumps her hot pussy full of thick white sperm. As he withdrew, another guy took his place and rubbed his cock up and down between her pussy lips. She started to moan and thrust her hips against him. He entered her in one thrust and she started cumming immediately.

As she was being impaled by this huge cock, I was whispering in her ear that I loved to watch her fuck. Suddenly a guy standing behind us was rubbing his cock on her other cheek. She motioned him to step over to her other side and this large cock was thrust between our cheeks. She kissed me and then started sucking this guy inches from my face. She had a grin on her face as she looked in my eyes, then suddenly she pulled his cock out and stuck it in my mouth as the guy shot his wad. I closed my mouth around his sperm squirting cock and allowed him to finish cumming in my mouth. The Aggie french kissed me and explored the cum in my mouth. We kissed for a few moments, then she turned her attention to the guy fucking her. Another guy behind me grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth as I heard Aggie moan in pleasure. In seconds I had another load shot in my mouth, then I turned to see Ag take another lover.

After a while, I lost count of the number of men who fucked my girlfriend that night, but she told me later she had fucked 17 men and sucked "at least 10." I had at least 8 cocks cum in my mouth. After the last guy came in her, she wanted me to fuck her, which I did. When we arrived home we fucked again, and afterwards she thanked me for letting her have so much fun. But it was MY pleasure I told her.

More in Chapter 3.

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